Wednesday, May 26, 2010 today

This morning started off just great. I mean this sarcastically of course.
I waited downstairs with my daughter Violet in the front of the building for her school bus for half an hour. It never arrived!
I called the bus company and the bus driver called me a liar saying he was there- and I wasn't! Which is completely false and I have a witness to back me up.
I feel like everyone walks all over me because I'm a woman and I sound young.
I had several lawyers walk all over me- but the minute Dave gets on the phone- they have a different tone.
When Dave asks the bus driver if he was calling me a liar- he backed the fuck up- and decided that from now on he would call when he was a few minutes away from my house. See?!
I'm having such a rough time with everything lately. But I'm STILL trying to stay positive. My boy Marco, has been an angel, and has been trying his hardest to help me. He's my family- we would do anything for each other.
Dave has been helping around the house more. He even cleaned up the living room and the kitchen today- making my life a little less stressful.
I thought I had found a lawyer- now he asks me how to I plan on paying him? All of a sudden, since it was decided it would be taken out of the settlement- now he's saying he needs money from me sooner more than later.
I really can't deal with lawyers. Except for my best girl- you know who you are- but you're in St.Thomas- and I miss you terribly and your boy Joe, you both are AWESOME lawyers and people!
So now the search continues. I've called legal aid- my very last hope- and they told me to call them again- but on Tuesday- ONE week from my court date, on which the landlord will demand rent.
I'm prepared for the worst.
What happens if we don't get a buyout and have to move because we can't afford the rent here???
Where would we go?
These are questions rattling around my cage of a mind right now.
Oh yeah and my daughter's "Team meeting"- the meeting where all her therapists and teachers gather to discuss her progress, have all but one cancelled.
And most of them are picking on me about her attendance!
She is SICK!!! Really ILL!!! What the fuck don't they fucking understand!?!
I want nothing more than to send my daughter to school everyday and for her to have her therapies. They make it seem like I'm a shitty mother or something. Which I KNOW for a fact I'm not!
I'm frustrated.
I wish Dave would talk to everyone for me- than maybe we could get stuff done- because at the end of the day- I'm still a woman- and men in power find women inferior to them.
That irks me so much.

Why do ALL the WRONG people have money!?!

Wish me luck in finding a new home- and lawyer.

Kisses to all my powerful, caring, wonderful bitches out there!!!
Lemme hear you ROAR!

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