Sunday, May 2, 2010

Emo pothead part two

So my apartment has been reeking of this hideously stinky crap weed, from an emo teenage pothead that smokes on his fire scape in my courtyard.
We've yelled at him three times, to get better weed, because it's disgusting- and to get his ass back in my house!
Dave threatened to throw shit at him! We were that pissed. All he did all day and night was smoke this disgusting weed.
He's a teenager, who looks like Ron Weasley with long red hair, from the Harry Potter Series!
Him and his emo friends smoke together. Doesn't this boy have parents??? Are they rich, and travel all over the world without him??? Why is he alone all the fucking time???
Do I have to adopt this poor pothead of a boy???
I feel bad for him, really. I mean, where are his parents??? Why isn't he in school???
What is he doing smoking weed at 3 A.M. on a school night?!
I want to know the answers!!!
So this weekend, of course he was smoking again...but this time- it was in his room-and it WAS THE GOOD SHIT!
Oh thank goodness!!!! It smelled so good in my apartment! Don't worry the kids' bedroom window was closed. But our living room window where we were hanging out, was not. It was heavenly. And Dave was chatty!!!! Just yapping away, while I was just smiling and listening. Then of course he got hungry, late at night- and was wondering why...we figured out the reason.
To cool off my apartment I have a really strong window fan that instead of blowing air into the apartment it sucks warm air out of my apartment. Which leads to the potheads smoke- into and throughout our whole apartment.
I really want to get to know this kid. I feel bad for him, he should be with his family and not alone all the time.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime- God bless good weed.

Kisses Bitches!

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