Monday, May 24, 2010

Doctors Doctors Doctors!!!

Last night was a nightmare- not only was I awake for most of it, but because my son had a fever of 103 degrees!
He does get fevers frequently about once every month, we know what to do at this point- Cold bath, Motrin, air conditioner.
It worked, twice last night.
Dave is still very ill and looks like a zombie- his eyes are BRIGHT RED!
No, it's not pink eye. We found out it's due to the severe infection in his throat.
He was also having trouble breathing last night. Several times in the night- he STOPPED breathing!!! And then awhile later- gasp!
I know, you're all going to say it's sleep apnea. Which it is and you're right.
But mixed with the abscess in his throat, yes- abscess, he REALLY couldn't breathe.
So this morning we all went to see the family doctor. He now has us on speed dial- that should tell you something.
He put Dave on very strong antibiotics- very expensive antibiotics- which cost all of the money I made from selling my clothes and toys on Saturday.
The doctor hopes it's not to late for the antibiotics to work, and that Dave won't have to go to the hospital. I hope so too.
I was tossing and turning last night for hours, and realized hey wait a minute...I'm still fucking awake!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!
And then I thought- maybe I'm awake because Levi's going to have a fever...
I don't know why I thought this- because before last night he didn't have one.
So yeah....about half an hour later- BAM! 103 temperature!
I was very hyper today. Not happy-hyper more anxious-hyper. And I was also very chatty. Very.
I'm thinking...a little manic, most probably. Not a lot, not dangerous, just enough for me to take notice.
Plus I've had a lot of people commenting on my- not on purpose-weight loss. I always tell people it's due to stress, which it partly is. The other part, when I'm manic- I'm not that hungry and when I do eat the food burns really really fast- because I'm hyper active. I'm very cautious right now because a little manic- not dangerous and sometimes can be quite useful but full blown manic- bad, very bad.
I was going to totally freak out last night- between my two kids being sick AND Dave being sick. If you're a parent, than you know when your child is ill, your world STOPS! So when EVERYONE is sick- man, it's like a kick to the stomach. I forgot how to breathe!!!
I'm worried. I'm a worrier. And there's plenty to worry about.
I'm praying more than I've ever prayed before.
Thanks to a little mania- I'm not spiralling into a deep depression...just yet. I'm actually feeling positive and happy. Worried- but happy and positive that everyone will get better.
Like I said- a little mania can be USEFUL. At least for me, anyways.

I think I'll head to bed soon- if not to sleep, to just think about things.

Thanks for listening to me-
Sending lots of love to all of you.

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