Friday, May 28, 2010

Looking up?

Are things starting to finally look up????
Last night Levi's fever finally broke!
Yesterday the CPSE ( NYC Board of Ed) official, who originally declined my daughter any additional services (that were desperately needed!!!), called yesterday. Why, you ask?
Because DAVE called him and left a message. SEE!?! I told you so! If I had called- nothing would have happened. I had emailed him TWICE!
But one phone call from DAVE, and he called back shortly after, we will be having another meeting to discuss Violet possibly getting the additional home therapies, she needs so badly.
As for our apartment...nothing is looking up at all just yet.
I'm trying to think of where we could move to- I'm still hoping for a decent buyout offer- at this point decent being the keyword. Amazing, would be better.
I feel like my so called "home" isn't mine anymore. As if it was never my home in the first place because I've lived in fear of losing it since I was nine years old ( when we got our first-of yearly-eviction notices). I'm tired of feeling this way and being harassed by our landlord. Especially now that I have children. I don't want them growing up the way I did. I want more for them and for them to feel safe in their own home.
I look forward to the day we get our new place. Opening the door- and taking a deep breath, the deep breath of freedom.
It's like I'm a prisoner in my own home.
On another note- Levi is making more sounds- and having serious separation anxiety. He calls for me ALL day and night long. Which I find really sweet and not annoying. He also has been trying new foods. His favorite?? Meatballs!
Dave actually cooked dinner last night and made B.A.M.- Big Ass Meatballs!
They were delicious!!! And Levi thought so as well.
He was falling asleep after I fed him some- then saw Dave's plate of meatballs and wanted MORE! Even though he was falling asleep!
That's my boy! Hungry ALL the time!

This is a photo from this morning's walk outside. I forgot his sunglasses, so I put Violet's sunglasses on him. He looks fierce. And has "Crazy eyes" in the photo for some weird reason- maybe he saw something he wasn't supposed to see?!
Kisses Bitches!!!!

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