Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy Likey.

It's been a long long day.
Dave was ill today and couldn't function, so he stayed in bed. He woke me up in the morning to tend to the children. I had to wake Kayla up very slowly, because I didn't want her to pass out again.
It was a bit of chaos in the morning, my mom helped a bit before she went for jury duty.
I'm still very ill. And my focus goes in and out. I'm now having similar problems to my sister (she was diagnosed with P.O.T.S.- no, not weed- look it up on WEB MD)
It turns out it can happen to people with thyroid problems, which I have.
I've been pushing through it all day long.
But there were some moments throughout the day that made it all totally worth it.
First- Violet was in a much better mood today and was hugging me and letting me kiss and hold her.
Second- Levi called me "MAMA!" and lit up when I came in the room and crawled towards me. Also, when putting him to sleep tonight, he rolled around his crib, and when he was having difficulty falling asleep, he said "mama" to me to pick him up and rock him to sleep.
It totally made my day. That both my kids showed me love today. And to Levi, I'm his everything. YEAH, the feeling is so indescribable.
It makes the whole day, and just about everything, worthwhile.
I notice I talk to myself now. Especially since no one seems to listen to me when I'm talking. I like to amuse myself.
I was really tired from running around juggling the kids, and cooking, trying to get Dave to eat and drink so he would feel better. I couldn't believe I had to force feed him. Why is it that men do the exact opposite of what they need to feel better. I actually had to be forceful. And of course after listening to me, he is now feeling a bit better. Man, we go through this every time, several times a year, every year! It's exhausting. But kind of funny at the same time.
I saw a bottle of Diet Coke in the fridge and said "Thank you lord Jesus Christ"- which is hilarious if you know me- I was raised Jewish.
Then while pouring a glass I mumbled to myself " Oh yeah.... Mommy LIKEY."
And then burst into laughter.
YES, I amuse myself, all the time. And now, talk to myself. I never said I wasn't crazy. In fact, this proves I am. And I'm okay with that.

Kisses to all the hot mamas out there!!!
Remember... Mommy likey!

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