Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing Catch up.

So...I'm on antibiotics now. For numerous reasons, one being I was just getting sicker and sicker- I'm on some of the strongest antibiotics out there. Prepare for craziness. Antibiotics totally throw off my bipolar medication- and get this- I'll be on these meds for TWO whole weeks!!!
Yeah I know- long time. But I'll do whatever it takes at this point.
So I ran outside and took Levi out for some fresh air to the pharmacy. Picked up my meds, ran home and took them.
But you can't take them on an empty stomach so I grabbed a protein bar. This just so happens to be Gluten free. And boy- could I tell. It was so ...Chewy,to put it nicely.
I don't really spend a lot of my precious time chewing. Chewing for Pussies!
Well not really. But it could be. Then again you don't "chew" on a pussy.
Anyways- Enough about pussies! Get your head out of the gutter!!!
You filthy beast!
Way off topic!
I decided I am going to go to the model search, I got a personal invite to it. Which I guess is a good sign. So it's next Saturday. I'm nervous but super excited at the same time.
I'm trying to eat more- not necessarily junk food. Just more of what I usually eat, and I'm am kind of a health nut, except for the gallons of diet soda I drink, and the sugar I have on tap.
So I have a lot on my mind- and today I'm going to do some modeling- to update my portfolio. It's been awhile, I need to get back into the groove.
I'll be sure to post them on my modeling site when they're done ( And of course I'll post a couple here as well.
They're sure to be a lot of fun.
Last night I got into a bad argument with Dave. Real bad. I was a total wreck and very emotional ( which is very unlike me- I'm usually very detached) But we're working on making things better, for the both of us and our kids.
I had nightmares last night, about our fight. There was a shark attacking a tiger, that scared Violet really badly. You should know I'm deathly afraid of sharks- after watching a marathon of Jaws movies when I was a wee little girl, scarred me for life.
There's a lot on my mind right now- but I have to put it aside, fight off being sick and get FIERCE!


Kisses to all my fierce Bitches out there!
Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Be careful with the antibiotics. Make sure you get some yogurt or the stuff that's in yogurt (found in health food stores) to counter act the antibiotics getting rid of all your GOOD bacteria.
    I took strong antibiotics a while back for a simple ear infection and ended up getting something called C-Diff. Basically my body was attacking it'self because I lost all the good bateria in my colon.
    I won't go into here all I went through (really gross) but if it hadn't been for my mother I could have ended up in the hospital or even died. I was bed ridden, yet I didn't sleep and I lost 30 pounds cause nothing stayed in my system.
    Stay strong hun...
    I'm here for ya...:-)