Monday, May 31, 2010

Strange things happening...

Strange things are happening in this apartment- they always have been- but now it's undeniable.
For example- I put on the air conditioner in our bedroom, noticed it was at 70 degrees- then went to Levi because he was banging his head against the crib- then noticed the air conditioner again, and it was at 68 degrees! I hadn't touched it.
Just weird things like this all the time. I swear there's something here, in my house. It drives me nuts.
I've been having trouble sleeping as it is- this just adds to it.
I've also been near fainting a bunch of times. This place is toxic I tell you.
I've been dreaming about Florida. It would be wonderful to have a backyard- maybe even a pool and be near Dave's family.
I'm so OVER New York. I have been for a long time. New York is for the rich- the poor just suffer here. Especially families.
If I were rich- then living in new york wouldn't be such a hassle- except for the ice cold winters- I HATE cold weather. And Levi always overheats in his snowsuits. He hates extreme weather- and that's all there is in New York.
Every time I step outside with the kids- someone's going to melt. I know Florida is HOT- but there you don't have to walk everywhere. In the subway stations in New York, it's ridiculously hot and on the buses there's no room.
In the city there's so much walking- in hot hot heat- which my kids don't tolerate well at all. Especially Levi- when he gets over heated he sometimes convulses. Which is really really scary.
I bought portable air conditioners for the strollers- because it gets so bad- but it's barely making a difference.
I want to see my family happy again, is that asking for too much?
Every lawyer I've contacted to sue the landlord- wants money up front- and I don't have any.
I'm calling legal aid yet again tomorrow morning.
All this trouble- for what?- all the landlord has to do is pay us- not even a lot- just enough to get out. This guy is such a fucking prick!!!!
I don't feel well- but I'm struggling and forcing myself to go the distance, to get through the day, today and then the next- not for me- but for my babies.
I'm tired- I'm going to TRY to get some sleep.

Kisses Bitches!

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