Friday, April 23, 2010

Short Gross story

Beware this may be considered gross for some of you.
Not the mommies out there, that's for sure.
My son has bad acid reflux, he's had it since he was born. He's taken Zantac twice a day ( before lunch and dinner) for awhile now. The doctor wanted to see if we could start taking him off the medication.
I did what he said and this is what happened.
My son tried Country Vegetable soup (baby food puree)for the first time, with no Zantac before hand. He was complaining and his teeth had been hurting him all day (teething of course), so we gave him some baby Motrin.
He was still complaining. I took him inside the bedroom and put him in his crib. He started gagging, and I picked him up, because I'd rather he puke on me than on his bed. So yeah, that's when the puking started. All over my shirt, my bra, under the shirt ( he threw up into my cleavage), than into Dave hands, then again on my shoulder and then when we thought he was done- he puked again- on the side of my FACE!
Now this Dave and I found incredibly funny and started hysterically laughing.
Then I had to give Levi and I a bath, for the second time today.
Now I don't find this gross because Levi's a baby, it was just a jar of baby food- not adult food. So it didn't smell or anything like adult puke.
This event is so typical Levi.
Anyways, that's my story. My advice- Never EVER trust a baby!!!

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