Sunday, April 18, 2010

House Inspection

We went to court a week ago, I know I didn't mention it, because the landlord was trying to evict us yet again.
Don't worry, we're still here, he didn't win. We had told the judge there were many damages in our apartment, to which the judge (who was AWESOME) sent inspectors to our house to search for mold and lead. They just came, and we found out there's mold in my bedroom, where my kids and us sleep.
Besides that, we don't know if there is lead in the house yet, but we'll find out in 10 days when we get the report. I think there is.
They were very nice and very thorough, they had kids themselves, so they understood our worries.
My ceiling in my bedroom has mold due to the lousy job the painters did last year.
Maybe now, when we go back to court, the landlord will offer us a fabulous buyout.
Because I'm ready to nail this fucker to the cross.

More to come...hopefully great news!

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