Friday, April 9, 2010


So my hair's growing back, thus far, and I've been able to workout again. So far so good. I don't know what's different.
I still have doctor's appointments a plenty but these past few weeks haven't been so bad. It has nothing to do with stress because I've been under even more stress lately than before.
Though my memory is out the window. I keep forgetting things, and it's a little to late in the game to be going through "Mommy brain".
I'm trying to get Dave to work out with me, the doctor's orders, occasionally he does. His doctor says he needs to make an immediate "lifestyle" change. Diet, exercise, the whole deal. Which is difficult for Dave, I know this, because he is a creature of habit. But little by little he's getting better.
I've been extra exhausted lately, with the working out and little sleep. By the time my head hits the pillow I can't move. I think the sleep deprivation is playing a role in my memory loss. I have two white boards in my living room, with things I need to remember written down.
These past few days, the weather has been awesome! I love hot weather! But Levi is taking some time adjusting. He hasn't been eating that much, or drinking and he overheated a few days ago, and was trembling. It scared the shit out of Dave and I. Now when we go out I have to force cold liquid down his throat to make sure that doesn't happen again.
I'm so overwhelmed most of the time, not knowing if I'm coming or going.
And lately Dave has been talking how having more kids- TWO to be exact!
I'm like- "HELL FUCKING NO! Are you NUTS?! I can't handle TWO! You want me to handle FOUR?!" He's out of his mind truthfully. If it was up to him now- I'd already have fourteen kids. I'd be barefoot and pregnant ALL the damn time!
See pregnancy- is the easy part, I'm happy and glowing, and cheerful, then comes the lack of sleep and the crying and the screaming and the fighting. I'm no fool.
And yes I love my children. I'm not saying down the road I don't want any more kids, but I need HELP with the ones I have now. What would I do with more????
Plus I was near death, not once, but twice, after I gave birth to Levi!!!
That fucking traumatized me. And man, Dave is SO super sweet and nice when I'm pregnant, I wish it could be like that always. But I'm only special when I'm caring his baby. FUCK! Plus I've been seeing pregnant women EVERY where- it must be a huge baby boom this year, DAMN!

That's the news for now.
Kisses Bitches!!!

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  1. Yea...I really think you need to look into the Fibromyalgia thing...
    It seems like the moment the weather got warmer your body started to respond better. That's what's different.
    For me, whenever the weather gets in the mid 60's or above it's like my body pain gets lubricated and easier to manage, allowing me to do more.
    Plus some of your big stress issues have been somewhat resolved (insurance, Violet's school) so that could be another added factor.

    As for Levi, maybe he needs to be naked more
    When it gets hot again try some sleeveless tees, cotton shorts and hats. Lots of big rimed hats. One of my cousins had the same problem. It's all about a combo of shade and exposed skin. That way his body can adjust to the heat without the sun cooking him.

    As for hubby, tell him if he wants more kids he's got to win the

    You probably know most of this already, or tried it, but I figured it doesn't hurt to help if I can...
    Love ya ;-)