Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emo Potheads

So for awhile now my apartment has been reeking of this shitty fucking weed smell. And no it's not from my apartment, it's from these stupid emo teenagers who smoke this shitty fucking horrible cheap smelling weed on their fire escape, in my building's courtyard.
So they were out today, smoking the shitty stuff, stinking up my apartment- for the LAST TIME. I have Dave open my parent's window- because it's way too heavy for me- to be able to shout at them. And this is what I said "Hey!!! You're stinking up my fucking apartment with your shitty fucking weed. BUY better FUCKING WEED!!!!"
To which point they giggled- because they're fucking high. Then pointed to their friend- I guess the one that bought the crap stuff, and ran indoors. Then One of my neighbors yelled "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"
I guess the whole building felt the same way!
Stupid fucking emo potheads. Don't get me wrong, I'm very Pro-weed. But not shitty crap weed. Fuck that shit!

Just thought I'd share that.

Kisses Bitches!

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