Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DAMN that ASS!

So this post is mainly about jeans...and asses, cuz that's just the way things roll.
I have the hardest time finding a good- and inexpensive great pair of jeans. I'm not willing to throw down $100 for a stupid pair of denim.
It never ever fits the hips and the waist at the exact same time. It's a huge problem for girls with asses. I love big butts, even when I was a teeny weeny teenager. Sorry small butt girls, you just ain't my style.
I hate when a pair of jeans gives "pancake ass". When the ass has been shmushed into the legs by the jeans, giving flat ass. I like a great pair of jeans that gives a great big bubble butt. Something JUICY, ya know. You big girls feel me.
I remember way back when, Marco and I would walk through the city, checking out chicks. It was hilarious. His question to me always "You'd hit that?"
Of course, my response would be "Yeeeeeeeah, I'd hit that!!!" And we'd laugh hysterically.
He always loved junk in the trunk- yeah I'm totally outing you Marco, tough titties!
I kind of looked up to Marco when I was a kid. He was a rocking DJ, lived in clubs (with me by his side usually), had the coolest clothes, the hottest chicks, he was big pimpin', no doubt. I forever have him in my heart and in my head, he's my boy.
Through him and Dave, I learned slowly to like my curves, and not want to be boyish.
At least not in the behind area. As for the tits, I still want to be flat chested, it's my thing. I envy those with itty bitty titties. If you've read my past blogs, you know why.
And to those of you, who have no clue what I'm talking about. I've mentioned before I was bisexual for all of my life (yes ALL) till I got married. Now my sexuality is MARRIED. That's it.
Back on to my original topic. So yeah, finding a good well fitting pair of jeans is difficult. If any of you have a good suggestion for jeans, let me know, I'm all ears!!!

Holla to all the juicy butts out there!!!
Kisses to my sexy bitches!!!

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