Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sex. Nuff said.

Yeah I said it. SEX!
Now this wouldn't be a very good bipolar blog without talking about the obvious.
Most bipolar are nymphomaniacs. Bipolars are extreme. Which means they have addictions- be it drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, you name it.
I had it all except the gambling part. Which is funny because gambling addiction runs on my father's side of the family.
Truthfully, I don't remember a lot of my past lovers. Maybe they sucked. Most probably sucked.
It was surprising how many men have no clue how to have good sex. Really NO CLUE.
It's kind of sad.
The best lovers, are always Latin. Sorry white people. But you suck in bed in general. Not to say ALL Latins are good in bed. I do remember the worst sexual experience I ever had. His was Latin and skinny, and I won't mention his name, just in case he's reading this. That would be unfair to him.
He was too technical- no passion. It bored me- I just wanted it to be over.
I remember he said to me very ridiculously funny things to me in bed- not on purpose either. I weighed 109 lbs at the time. I don't lie about my weight- it's stupid.
And he asked me in the middle of it how much I weighed!!! I laughed!!!
I told him 109 lbs. At which point he said- "you feel heavier!" I laughed so hard!!!
He was serious!!! He must've been like 90 lbs. What a wuss.
The next day- I couldn't get out of there fast enough! He wanted me to meet his family- and I was just looking to leave as soon as possible!
He wanted a relationship- but at this point- set aside the horrible sex- I just wasn't feeling that at the moment. I moved from one person to the next- just to fill time. I had sex out of boredom. And they were all beautiful looking people- sucked royally in bed.
I remember one guy, millionaire BTW- a son of a famous Broadway producer, he was insanely bipolar, we'll call him "J". He cycled every other second. Every time was had sex, he'd say to me "Don't I have the biggest cock you've ever seen?" At which point I said "No"- he'd get so pissed! What a whack job! I said this because that was the truth. The biggest I ever seen- was a WHITE Man's dick- it was easily 10". I know- he was bad in bed also. No clue what he was doing. That's why men shouldn't feel bad about their size- because you can be good in bed- no matter what size truthfully. So "J" and I drank and partied, and tried everything in bed. Still I thought he sucked. I just used him to pass the time. I stopped seeing him, when I got bored. Which was quickly. Again, he wanted a relationship, wanted me to meet his parents. That was probably the kiss of death to me. That's when I knew I had to bolt!
I was always one foot out the door when the sex was done. I'd make up some excuse to leave- even if it was 3 A.M.
Yeah I know- to this day I'm like a guy. I rarely cuddle or have time for foreplay.
I don't talk about Dave in bed because that's tacky. But I will say this- he is the best lover I've ever had and that's saying A LOT! From day one- he rocked.
One of the many reasons we're still together. Bad sex is a deal breaker, no doubt.
My book, when I eventually sit down and write it, will go into a lot of detail about my sexual experiences because that's the juicy part.

So for now. Just do it- but do it justice!!!

Kisses to all my sexy, crazy bitches! MEOW!

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  1. Woo girl we so need to talk...lol
    My life has almost been the total opposite of yours, yet we have soo much in common.
    For me, when it comes to sex, I'm a conundrum, wrapped in a enigma, with a strange mix of repression, self control, and expression added for taste...lol...;-)