Friday, November 5, 2010

We signed the LEASE!!

WOOHOO! Finally!!!
Brooklyn- here I come!
We only have two weeks to move. That's a lot of stress.
We're trying to get rid of more and more things everyday.
My whole family and I look forward to decorating.
These past few years have been very stressful and chaotic.
I hoping this is the beginning of great things coming our way!
We're going to Brooklyn tomorrow to show my kids the neighborhood.
I'm so excited to share this with them.
I haven't decided if I'm keeping the doctors we have here, or changing them to ones closer to where we'll be living.
I mean, I have SO many!
I still have my breast surgeon appointment next week- not looking forward to that one.
My left breast still bothers me, but I do feel the birth control pills the doc put me on, has been helping some of the pain so far.
Levi has been losing his mind for the past few days.
He has a double ear infection- yeah- lots of pain.
I can't wait to have that psychological evaluation for him done already- with all the head banging, and tantrums and mood swings- I know the diagnosis already.
I'm just waiting for early intervention to realize this.
All his therapists- see what I'm talking about- and know that he needs way more help than what he's getting now.
Violet has been very happy in her new school- I'm happy to say!
I'm so tired all the time lately- just exhausted- I hope this is just due to all the stress I'm under right now.
I do feel listening to angry chicks yelling- is really helping me right now.
Angry chick music like The Pretty Reckless.
Taylor Momsen- seems like a brat- but I really like her music and voice.
Definitely reminds me of early "Hole".
What ever happened to angry chick music??? Did Chicks get less angry??? huh?
Not the ones I KNOW!
I definitely think if I ever went back into music- I'd be a "The Pretty Reckless"/ "Gossip"/ "Uffie" mix.
That's one of my many many dreams.
Performing has always been my number one dream.
ah well, I have way too much shit to do everyday- cook, clean, take the kids to doctor appointments, therapy appointments, run errands, watch television, sleep, eat- ya know- I'm totally swamped! ;)
I actually really am very busy.
Maybe one day - I'll get to live my dream.
Till then I just rather get some sleep.

This blog- was short and basically has no point to it-
And that's how I'll leave it for today.
Kisses Bitches!!!!

*photo of me- yes BEFORE kids- photo taken by a old friend of mine. I totally think this would be an awesome punk rock chick look, don't you?


  1. You know what this means right? This means we gotta find some Brooklyn eats for you and I to meet up at. I know some great ones. Im all about positivity lately. I truly believe that if good things are happening to you, you need to make sure it spreads to those you care about. Im sending all my positivity to you cuz this is a brand new day! Im so happy for you!!! Things have been positive my way too so my mojo is your mojo!!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that!!!
    Thanks for the positive mojo!!!
    I love you and miss you chickie! Can't wait to see you!!!
    big hugs and kisses!