Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday I went to a food pantry. Don't be scared- This month was actually better than last- but I never know how my family's going to be from week to week. So I'd rather be prepared.
We've had weeks before where our cabinets were bare.
So thanks to my social worker- she found out about this church that helps people in my financial situation. They were so nice.
During the interview I cried. I really really HATE crying or being vulnerable in any way especially in front of strangers. But this guy that was helping me out was so nice and kind and seemed to really care. Plus I haven't talked to my therapist in awhile so...I think I was ready to cry at the drop of a hat.
Explaining my family's situation always makes me nervous, anxious and emotional.
I try to control it but sometimes it's really difficult.
They had a basement filled with canned goods.
One funny thing that happened there- While I was being interviewed a biker guy came in and saw a can of food and said "mmm, yeah!" The interviewer looked over and said to the biker-" That's cat food." To which the biker didn't seemed surprised and replied " MEEEEEOOOOOW!"
Ah, the people I meet while seeking assistance.
I hope to be in a position that I can donate food to this food pantry- instead of taking from it.
On another note- the other day Violet's therapist had a "team meeting" at my house.
This is where they discuss what's working and not working with Violet. I'm having a tough time with the school she's in now. She has multiple health problems and is absent from school quite a lot because of them. I have explained this to the teacher but for some unknown reason she does not comprehend the situation. Wonderful, right?
As if I want Violet to be absent from school????
It is my only semi-break- when she's in school. Do they think I don't want that?!
These are bizarre people I'm dealing with I tell ya. BIZARRE.
Other than the school issue her home therapies are going really well and I'm extremely proud of her. YAY for VIOLET!!! As her therapists and I would say when she does something good.
Tomorrow Violet has a "play date" at (soon to be-hopefully) her new Pre-K school!
It's a baby version of a job interview. Seriously, I never thought I'd be doing this-baby interviewing for schools, waiting list and such.
It's truth be told- a real upper-class, rich person thing to be doing with their child.
Thankfully, my daughter's schools are paid for by the state. Otherwise she'd be at home till kindergarten!
I can't believe the amount people pay for Pre-schools- about the same as college!
It's insanity. I'd never do that.
Another funny thing- while Dave was finally getting a chance to do a month's worth of laundry ( hey - don't judge-we can only afford it once a month- so chillax). He was talking with a neighbor and jokingly said "My coffee hasn't kicked in yet, I think I'm gonna have to switch to cocaine!" and laughed. The neighbor (an older woman) replied "OH MY GOD! If you know a good dealer let me know!". By the way she was SERIOUS!
And THIS is the building I live in.
On that note- Kisses bitches!!!

As always more to come...

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