Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music Manager...

For a long time now, I've been thinking of becoming an agent.
I think I'm not getting hired- but even more gifted at getting others hired. I've been making contacts since I was a teenager- networking is my gift.
I love meeting new people, going to networking parties- plus I NEVER EVER take "no" for an answer. Back in the day people said I'd never get to talk to a Sony executive-but I did personally on the phone, multiple times. It's probably a bipolar mania thing- I believe I will always get what I want no matter what.
And what I want now is to help my many talented wonderful musician friends get their careers in gear.
Agents need to know accounting- from what I've been seeing. And even though I'm excellent with numbers- I HATE math. Absolutely hate it.
So managing seems to be more my speed for the time being. Maybe eventually I'll overcome my hatred for math, and learn accounting. My dad is an accountant- but can't teach me anything to save his life.
I realized recently, that almost all my friends are musicians. The ones that aren't musicians, are instead actors and models. I guess I'm attracted to talented artists of all kinds. I've always loved music and the people that play it.
I tried learning guitar awhile ago, I had a great tutor (thanks Aaron!), and I wish I'd kept up with it. Maybe I'll start again eventually. I love my guitar. It was a birthday present from my family about five years ago. An electric/acoustic black shiny Fender. I've always had a thing for fenders, they ooze sex. MEOW!
I even had a vocal coach, years back. His name was Kisho. He was awesome- he didn't ask for a penny and he even made me lunch. We lost touch, but he was awesome and helped me a lot back then.
I think my voice is shit now. I've been a long time out of the game.
Few people know that I almost had a recording deal with Sony. They had wanted me to turn a song of a group called Contact High's into- get this- a rap. Yeah- really bizarre. And surprise- I wasn't good at that- because surprise again- I don't RAP!
But that's how the industry is- so whacked out and strange. I was good at rock- so they wanted me to rap???? Yeah, that's how these things go.
Doesn't matter- now I'm looking at the amazing talent before me- and seeing what I can do with it. Introduce to whom, go to which parties, etc.
This isn't set in stone yet but it definitely has me excited. I wonder how many of the musicians I knew in the past, are still doing music?

Shout out to all the musicians out there- reading this!
Let me hear from ya!

Kisses Bitches!!!
More to come as always.

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  1. I know you enough to know you can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I have always been impressed by your ability to meet new people, be very forward and down with networking. I envy it. Even though I get up on stage, I still have probs talking to people. I would be honored if you managed us. I cant wait for when you can come out to see us perform. You need to know what youre getting into. I think ya do but you know we would love to have you out. We will take the help if you offer!