Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why I hate Valentine's Day...

Yes- I hate Valentine's Day. Why you ask?
I'll tell ya why.
First- it's too much hype!!! Like this is the one day out of the whole year you have to say I love you to someone special.
When something is too hyped up- it's just sets the stage for disappointment.
Back when Dave and I first met- I told him never to buy me flowers. Not because I don't like flowers- but because in the past, flowers were ALWAYS used in conjunction with an apology. So to me flowers = you did something wrong!
Valentine's day when you're single is hard- for most. Because you IMAGINE it'd be so much better to spend it with someone you love. But this is false. Again all these expectations- set you up for disappointment.
To me Valentine's day is just ANOTHER day. Another day- if you are with someone special- to say you appreciate them- but no need for gifts and a night out.
Really I think married people equally like and dislike Valentine's day. Due to the fact that when you're married with kids and you're busy tending to others' needs, you rarely have time to spend alone with your other half.
So Valentine's Day is really just an excuse to go out and away from the kiddios- and be adults. This is only the case- if you have the money to do so, have made reservations ahead of time, hired a babysitter...the list goes on and on.
Personally I'd rather NOT go out on Valentine's Day- that ONE day a year- but instead make many days and nights special throughout the year. So when Valentine's day comes and goes- which it always does- no one is disappointed in any way- but instead you're happy and looking forward to the next morning- to say I love you all over again.

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  1. I really don't like the retailer's wet dream that Valentine's Day has become. Its so funny you posted this. I have a different view on Valentine's Day yet we agree on so much. Its actually one of my first blogs I ever posted on my blog site. You should check it out: