Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Adventures of Beana...

Today was a good but hectic day- and it's not even over yet!
It started- well actually yesterday never ended because sleep was non-existent last night. Both Levi and Violet didn't sleep a wink.
This morning Violet had a baby interview at YAI Gramercy school. I was very nervous- but she did amazingly!!! She was in such a great mood- waved and high-fived all the teachers and workers there- if she would've winked at them, I would've died! ha ha.
She played and interacted with the other kids. She got to check out their mini-gym and get thrown down a big slide several times. She must have thought this was the BEST PLACE EVER! She was great even when we had to leave- no tantrums!!! HOORAY!
When she got home she had ABA therapy. And after that, we headed to her occupational therapist at the sensory gym about 10 blocks away. On the way there all these kids started spontaneously throwing snow balls, that was thrown very close to Violet, Shannon and I.
Out of nowhere- I LOSE IT (hello!BIPOLAR!) I scream at the top of my lungs- I mean so loud a few blocks away heard me clearly- "HEY! DON'T YOU SEE A BABY!!!!!"
All the kids stop dead. One looks at me and says " You talkin' to me?!!!" At which point, I don't lose a beat and respond, waving my arms- being all ghetto and shit "YEAH, I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!!!!" . Shocked and a little afraid, he walked away. Later the teacher, who was behind them the whole time, scolded them.
The whole time Violet is laughing and jumping up and down in her stroller!
I think she was saying in her own way- HECK YEAH!!! My mom fucking CRAZY!!! Woohoo!
I laugh all the way to the gym. The minute we get to the gym ( 10 minutes early) she practically jumps out of her stroller and runs back and forth in the waiting area, till her therapist arrives. She then disappears down the stairs with her therapist to the gym.
While I'm waiting in the waiting room, patiently, a kid is sitting 5 inches away from me- blowing raspberries at me- for about 25 minutes! I found it funny, not rude because the kid had some sort of disability. His mom was talking to another boy's mom- and THIS was their conversation.
One boy was grabbing his mom's purse. She says to him " You like purses, huh? Are you gonna wear purses when you grow up?". To which the boy replies "uh-huh!"
She then says " Are you gonna wear a man-purse like daddy?. Actually I just give daddy my purse to hold at times while we're shopping because it's SOOOOO heavy. I mean not ALL the time but still it's too heavy for me. I don't even KNOW what I put in there!".
Yes this is a typical conversation of upper-class, upper west side moms, chatting away while their son blow raspberries at a stranger for half an hour.
Violet ended up being fantastic and energetic during her session, making her therapist extremely happy.
Right outside the gym- I realize I put my daughter's snow suit and coat on but not her shoes! Yup that's a mom for you- at times- clueless.
On the way home I stopped at Walgreen's for some things and Violet fell asleep.
She's now asleep- still in her stroller- not knowing in 10 minutes I have to wake her up for some more therapy- her speech therapy. The one she hates the most.
I still have yet to defrost meat, cook dinner, or clean or give my kids baths, the list goes on and on.
The day isn't even OVER YET!

All I hope is that she gets into Gramercy- the greatest school on the face of the earth- and eventually get some sleep. Eventually. Maybe.

Kisses bitches!!!!

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