Friday, February 12, 2010

How my casting went...

Last night was horrible. Levi is teething really badly- screaming all night long. And Violet was coughing all night long. So no sleep whatsoever for Dave and I.
I couldn't function this morning and the kids were nuts! Especially Levi- who is usually all smiles and laughs. My poor baby boy.
So I couldn't go on the school tour I planned for this morning.
But I still had to go to my casting today even though I wasn't feeling so grand either. The casting was today at 2 P.M. near F.I.T. ( to those of you knew know me- you know I despise F.I.T. and the students that go there- not the teachers though)
I was 20 minutes early- like usual.
By the way- I felt like a sausage packed in casing the whole way there due to the fact Dave shrunk ALL my clothes. And no it's not just the fact I'm getting bigger;)
He shrunk the kids clothes as well. So I was being squeezed by my jeans ever so tightly- I felt like a hoochie. And those days had long past for me. Long long ago.
So I went in and got the whole shpeel about the music artist and the photographer.
The photographer I knew a lot about. He's amazingly talented. But he is not my fave photographer of all time- that is of course, the one the only David LaChappelle. I worship the ground he walks on- he is the reason I take photographs.
After I write my name and number on a sheet of paper- I go in to meet the photographer and there were a few other people in the room- that did not introduce themselves.
He took a few close-ups and mentioned the necklace I was wearing ( my fave cigarette necklace) was interesting. It's a conversation piece for sure.
This was our short conversation while he took my photos.
I said to him " Most people ( for some very odd reason) think the cigarettes on my necklace are real."
To which he replied, "Wow, that's strange. I imagine they wouldn't last long(meaning the cigarettes). What are they made of?"
I said "Plastic???"
He then asked me if I was available on the shoot dates. To which I answered yes. And Then asked me if I had any more tattoos ( which was apparently the reason I was chosen for the casting). I said yes- "On my neck, back, finger, thigh and ankle."
Then he said "okay". And signaled for me that I could leave.
Yup. That was it. I took maybe 3 minutes, if I was lucky.
As I left everyone in the waiting room gave me the crook eye and the up-down.
I felt dirty yet again.
I decided to perk myself up by buying Violet some well deserved toys to bring to her great-grandma's on Valentine's day to keep her occupied.
All in all the casting wasn't bad- but it wasn't that great either. I doubt I got that part- but maybe just maybe- I'll get another part from that same casting.
Who knows.
I'm tired and really disappointed I can't go to my girlie's house tonight to hang.
I adore my Molly. And I was really looking forward to it for about a month now.
But the kids- Levi especially won't let me leave for too long.
The last night I went out at night was Dave and my anniversary- for a very quick bite at a local restaurant. We had to rush home because Violet was sick.
I have plans for my b-day celebration on Feb. 19th at my favorite place, The White Rabbit. I have got to be there and spend time with my friends- who I miss terribly.

I love you all and see you real soon!
kisses bitches!!!

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  1. Hey at least you got to go to the casting. Im still in a lot of pain when I walk and I new by the time I got out of the doctor's office I wouldnt be able to get there in time. I got my fingers crossed for you. I havent spoken to you in a while. We should catch up.