Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Models too fat for runway?????

In the Daily News today there was an article on size 4 models being too fat for the runway.
It's insane. Even famous model Coco Rocha, a size 4, (she was dubbed Naomi Campbell "new fave model") says her work has declined.
The sample size for all runway shows is size 0. If you don't fit into the clothes- you don't get hired.
This is the industry I work in. I think designers are absolutely crazy and have no regard for people- their models or their clients. They only care for themselves.
There are a few exceptions I'm sure- I just don't know of any.
Kate moss was recently quoted saying "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".
This coming from a ("former???") coke-head. She is something to aspire to???
Really? This is so ridiculous. She is ridiculous.
Because apparently the way she stayed skinny was doing several lines of coke in a record amount of time. One, two, three lines- ah,ah,ah *The Count voice*.
Kate Moss was one of my favorite models- for her versatility- not her body.
But she sounds like an idiot- so I don't care for her anymore.
Even plus-size clothing catalogs, not so long ago, used sample size models in their catalogs to display plus size clothes. Not many people remember that Lane Bryant used to sell, very hum-drum clothes, nothing fashionable whatsoever, mainly muumuus worn by size 0 models. This was to sell their clothes to women size 14-28? (I think it might have gone up to even a higher size but I'm not positive).
Only recently have they used plus-size ( size 12 models- even smaller than the size clothing they sell) to display their clothes. And now they sell more fashionable clothing- not great but much better than the muumuus they used to sell. Also at a much much higher prices.
I still watch runway shows- I love fashion. But sometimes the models distract me from looking at the clothes because they look so terribly scary. Which is exactly what designers shouldn't want- a model to take away focus from their clothes.
I know they say models are their clothes' hangers. But hangers you pay no attention to- models you do especially is they're 80 lbs and 5'11.
Fashion designers need to change, as does the fashion industry. If size 4 is considered fat- than I'm obese. Eh, Fuck them. I'll make my own fashion anyways- and hire all those "fat" models.

Kisses Bitches-

*photo of Coco Rocha from an ad.

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