Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lug-jur-ee-us (Luxurious) Hair

For those of you who know Katt Williams- you know what I mean by lug-jur-ee-us hair.
I just watched the movie Good Hair. It was fantastic. I bonded with that freakin' movie. You may wonder why- since I'm white. This is my hair story:
When I was a wee little girl- I had dead straight hair, reddish-brown, leaning toward more red than brown. I couldn't even keep a barrette in my hair- it was so thin.
During third grade ( when I was 9 years old) My hair did a complete 180 degree turn.
It was all of a sudden, really thick and curly. I hated it. It wasn't manageable at all. I wanted hair like my other white friends had. As I got older it just got worse.
When I was 10, during a trim from my mother- she accidentally cut off too much- leaving me with a "boy" haircut. My aunt's solution was to perm it- why I went through with this- or thought it was a good idea- I HAVE NO CLUE. She said it would "help" it grow out better. It was permed curly- not just curly, but kinky curls. So I had that done till I was about 12 years old. Then started the coloring.
I went to a Junior High School where I was one out of the only two white kids there.
Everyone said I was "like them" because I had "black hair". I guess I was more "like them" than I knew. Because I obsessed over how to get my hair, like white girls in the magazines. At age 12, is when I started buying wigs. I now own a collection of wigs.
I've done everything imaginable to my hair- braid it, dread it, color it ( every color seen it and out of nature), relax it ( several times- even burned off my scalp once), perm it, weave it. EVERYTHING.
Finally I'd had enough of wasting my time, energy and money on my hair and products.
And I finally shaved it off. Completely. I don't even remember the year - when I first did this. Because since then I've done it over five times. Each time, being fed up, and then once I did it- want really long hair again. It was a bad cycle.
And here I am - years later- with a cheap weave (synthetic), trying to grow my hair out yet again.
Errrrrrr...I hate this. As I sit here- patting my hair-It's "the weave pat"- because you can't scratch your hair when there's a weave in it- and believe me- it's itching.
No matter how well I wash it and take care of it- it bugs the shit out of me.
But it looks good, people tell me. It's taken me so many years to appreciate my "Jew fro". I now LOVE when a girl has her natural hair, not relaxed. I even own afro wigs.
And yes- my weave right now- is called a "bohemian curl", my friends call it Afrocentric hair. Now I would kill to have a huge mind boggling afro ( I still want long hair obviously). I used to be a high- very high maintence girl. I got my hair done monthly, even went a couple times a month for a blow-out ( to straighten it). Used all kinds of ridiculously expensive hair products galore. Spent lots of money on make-up, got my nails done. The whole shabang.
Now I'm very low key. I cut my own hair now- This weave was a present for my 29th birthday. I do my nails myself, I buy make-up from the drugstore as well as my haircare products.
Now my family comes first, I come last, in my mind. As long as my family is fed, has a roof over their heads, I'm happy. And yes- maybe occasionally I treat myself to a hair magazine ( my own personal crack).
After seeing this movie- I feel that I'm not alone in my struggle. In my hair battle royale. And yet again- I'm fed up that I'm even wasting a penny on my hair, for sure.
Hair drama!

Love you all!!!

Kisses Bitches!!!

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  1. LOL....
    Been wanting to see that movie.
    Always lived in the in-between world of black and white. Whither it was my skin, my hair, my overall look always confused people to the point of not knowing what the hell I was.

    I've embraced it now, but still have issues with my hair.
    Products for black women don't work cause there too heavy and products for white women don't work because there too dry.
    I've tried almost every combination and now I'm looking into Indian hair products and techniques for dealing with my combination hair. But in the mean time, if you have any wigs you don't want, let me
    XO ;-)