Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good and bad news...

Good news- actually GREAT news- my grandma is back home and doing better.
Bad news- I'm still doing the same- and avoiding the hospital at all costs.

I'm trying not to overwork myself- but my family knows nothing about cleaning apparently.
And since my mom is at my grandma's- it's ALL up to me, to keep this house from looking like an insane asylum.

I told my sister today- that if I have a heart attack from cleaning the fucking house- I will haunt Dave and her for the rest of their miserable fucking LIVES!!!
Saying in their ears "Clean the motherfucking HOUSE!!!"

On another note- if Dave doesn't put down the fucking PS3 controller- I told him I'll throw him AND Assassins Creed Brotherhood- out the fucking window!

See I made a mistake- I bought him the freaking game. Thinking MAYBE just maybe- he would play responsibly.
I was SO totally wrong.
I even tried hiding the fucking game- but he found it! FUCK!!!!
I would actually- dare I say- like this game if I knew he would only play it when the kids were sleeping.
It drives me INSANE!!!
When I told him I'd throw him out the window- his response was "Please throw me out first, then the game, so at least the game would be safe!"

Yeah- I don't say "kid you not" I hate that phrase. I much prefer "FUCK YOU NOT!"
I have a bunch of sayings- don't worry you'll learn them all.
And they'll rattle around your head FOREVER- until you catch yourself saying them too!!

That's my master plan!!!

Another phrase of mine- when someone does something stupid- instead of saying they're stupid- which isn't very nice- and you all know I'm ALL about being nice ;)
I say "Talent!"
Because they are talented- at doing stupid things.

Yeah anyways- that's enough lessons for today, bitches! Okay?!

Kisses Bitches!
Spread the FUCKING LOVE!

P.S.- Dave now thinks he's Italian- he keeps speaking Italian to me. He's freaking SPANISH for goodness sakes!

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