Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Levi's first day of school!!!!

This photo was taken on the bus ride BACK from school.
His first day of school, to be exact.
He did great!
Except for the fact that an hour in (the two hour school day) he got really really sleepy. Ha-ha!!!
On the bus ride home, all the little kids (under age three) were passed out in their car seats- looking like parachuters that got stuck in a tree (just hanging there!).
You should be able to tell from my blog- that I NEVER ever quite fit in, anywhere I go.
Is this my fault- sometimes- other times, just circumstance really.
I went with Levi to school yesterday and will be everyday for awhile till I know he'll be okay.
I wore- acid wash ripped jeans, with bright green men's socks, bright orange lipstick with matching nail polish, stripped black loose shirt, with fake motorcycle jacket- and to complete the look- an R2D2 backpack.
Why? Cuz that's the way I roll, bitch! That's the way I roll.
So of course everyone looks at me like I'm a fucking alien at the school.
I felt like an alien at the school- because I ALWAYS feel like I'm from a completely different planet than every normal person on earth.
It's not me thinking- they are weird- I think I'M weird.
And maybe I'm being extra critical of myself lately- but I feel I look SO strange.
Just weird- not beautiful at all- and really if you know me- this is not me fishing for compliments- and if you write one trying to make me feel better- I might just have to kill you. Just maybe.
I guess I go through these times where I just feel so out of place in the world- the way I look, the way I talk, the way I think- just everything about me.
Maybe it's cause I'm bipolar- or because I just have a very weird relationship with my self; my body, my emotions.

Plus on top of everything, my hair is starting to fall out again- it's around the eight month mark- so now I'm just waiting.
No one knows why exactly this happens to me pretty much every single year- at all different times of the year, and not just a little bit- but nearly all of it.
Could be my thyroid, who knows.
I now have a fedora hat that I ONLY wear when I'm bald for the reason that it never fits when I have a head full of hair.
So if everyone in my neighborhood, and everywhere I go basically, is looking at me like I'm an alien now- JUST WAIT till I'm bald again. Just wait.

Oh boy- so much fun.

Levi goes to school again today- and will be 5 days a week at the same school until he turns three years old.
His first day went very well-
hopefully today goes even better!!!

Kisses Bitches!!!!

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