Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Generation Z

Generation Z: "Net Generation" is a common name for the generation of people born between the early 1990s and the early 2010s.

I feel people have NO clue how to talk face to face anymore.
I KNOW how to talk to people face-to-face.
How to Start and END conversations and how to be personable.
THIS what is Generation Z truly LACKS in all respects.
My new neighborhood, I've only been here for about 2 months.
All the cashiers, and workers in the area are teenagers...and ALL know about nothing about face-to-face interactions.
They are ALL so awkward!!!
What the heck happened???
hummm...let me think.
I grew up before text messaging, before cell phones were in every persons hand- whether poor or rich.
Man, I sound OLD, right?!
Actually I'm turning 30 next month.
I'm still in my twenties..for the moment.
I like to talk- I'm told I usually ...what's their exact words??? oh yea...I don't "shut the fuck up?!" Yeah...that's it.
I fear for my kids growing up.
Where nothing seems to be said face-to-face anymore.
I feel this is a land of lack!
Yes, Generation Z is SO much "greener" than we ever were.
I'm trying to be "green"- well greener than I used to be, at least.
Originally- "being green" was just for the rich.
I have frequented the food stamps, medicaid and WIC offices-
noone there can "afford" to be green.
Now it's definitely easier and cheaper to be green, but it wasn't, say ...even a year ago.
Being green- was strictly for the rich.
Poor people couldn't afford organic food or buy organic clothes and such.
Now organic food is more affordable and even accessible to the poor..
I AM one of the "poor".
No, I'm not upper, or even middle class.
I'm okay with that for now. I usually don't understand or even get along with the middle or upper class.
We never seem to see "eye-to-eye" in anything.
They usually think I'm filth anyways. So I don't care that I don't fit in with them.
Anyways- back to my original point-
I try to start conversations with the workers in my neighborhood.
All of them look at me with this blank- far away stare.
I'd like to call it- "the thousand mile stare"
They're never quite- HERE! in the present.
They're always thinking..What am I gonna text next??? Or What should I put as my next status?
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE a point.
I love that most technology is available for all class groups. Easily accessible.
That's great!
I'm thankful I can write this blog- and connect with my friends every single day.
I'm very grateful for such things.
But no computer or any technology, for me at least, beats any kind of face-to-face experiences. Never EVER!
I think I'm going to have to teach my children how to interact with people, put aside their diagnoses (P.D.D.), this is what's going to have to happen- across the board.
ALL teenagers are now socially-awkward!!!
ALL of them!!!
That's really scary to me. That they have no idea what to say or do when they are face-to-face.
People are completely different online. More ballsy, funnier, more upfront.
Not in person.
Never "talk" one way online- and another face-to-face.
I don't use LOL, or LMAO- I don't say this in person.
I'm not a fucking TEXT!
When I laugh- I type ha ha ha.
The SOUND of laughter.
This is not a judgement on you- if you type LOL, or LMAO-
I love all my friends- regardless of how they type.
But the people I call my friends- are the same people online and OFF!
That's the way WE were taught.
Generation Z- has no idea how to even DATE!!!
That's terrifying!!!
People sound totally different online. They sound funny or even charming. But in person- it's really hard to watch.
I think I have to teach my husband how to talk to people face-to-face again.
Dave has been for a very long time, anti-social.
Don't get me wrong, he LOVES people. TRULY! (Dave writing: NO I fucking DON'T!)
He's brilliant, and a very deep thought, kind of guy. But doesn't like to go out and see friends, or go to parties.
For some weird reason, I've always been attracted to "the socially awkward", not Generation Z, however.
They creep me out!
I always have to explain, what my boyfriend, or girlfriend, was trying to say.
Or that they did "like you", but they just don't know how to express themselves.
Most of my friends would think, my ex-girl or boy, thought they were superior to them. Totally not the case...but you get my point.
Dave LOVES technology. I always ask him..."Did you reach the END of the internet yet?!"
Because I truly believe people think this sometimes. And that's why they never "unplug" themselves.
I whole-heartily believe in "unplugging"
Everyone NEEDS to unplug themselves from time to time. Take a break from the Internet, your cellphone, your ipad, etc.
Maybe then- you'll realize there ARE PEOPLE outside!
People who LONG for real interactions- like physical touch!
My sister feels alone, because she'll start conversations with people, and they have NO clue how to respond.
Chatting is like a tennis match- it's a back and forth- not a solo game.
She is so smart and super funny, she's beautiful in every single way possible.
Yet she feels alone.
I blame this on the Generation of LACK!
Without human truly are living alone.
I believe my sister will find someone. Most probably they will be socially-awkward.
But she will teach them the ways of the warrior..I mean, the ways of human interactions...the "old" ways of yore.
You get what I'm saying, right?
People NEED to get off the computer...yes, please AFTER you read my blog *wink wink*
You need to unplug- even if it's just for a few days. I know GASP! A few days...okay maybe start with baby steps..a few minutes??? Then hours??? Then days??
Meet your neighbors! SAY HELLO!!! In person, not text!!!

The first step is the hardest! But it is the most important.
And then maybe you won't feel alone.
You'll see what your friends actually look like! Different from their facebook photos!!!

My kids..will be next.
They will not be..the generation of LACK. As long as I can teach them different.

Kisses Bitches- yes I kiss in person! Not just in text!!!

Say hello! Give a hug! Even a kiss!!! It's time to connect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go!!! DO!!!

*found this image on google. I feel this is VERY appropriate!

On a completely different note-
I had a dream last night-
I went to the doc ( one I've never seen before) I asked him what were the results of my recent blood test .
He told me "Normal".
I said "REALY?!!" happily.
He replied "Uhhh. NO!!!! OBVIOUSLY! Your thyroid is through the roof."
I responded " OH! Uhhh.. I heard these symptoms could mean I have M.S. (Multiple sclerosis)."
He then said "That IS a possibilty".

What the FRIGGITY FUCK?!!!

P.P.S.- Yesterday I found out one of my beloved cousins, in Israel, passed away. This is very upseting news.
I hope he Rests in Peace. We are all thinking about you Arik.
You will be greatly missed.


  1. I am socially awkward, though I fake it;-)
    and much like David, I don't like most people. Maybe its because I read people and can see through most of the bullshit that others don't see. Whatever the case may be, your right about the youths of today and how the socially awkward of today are different. Products of the social network obsession.

    For me social networks, texts and such became for me a tool to help me work through my awkwardness. It helped me to open up, speak up, be unafraid of being my true self. While kids today don't even have to opportunity to try to be social without the crutch. But Parents don't even teach there kids the fundamentals of politeness, respect, or what it means to have a work ethic today, so why would they bother worrying about there kids becoming internet zombies.

    So please teach your kids the art of social interaction, because it will be a rare sought after commodity by the time they're adults.

  2. I don't believe at all that you are socially awkward.
    You are too brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious- to be socially awkward!!!

    I do agree with you that social networks help lots of "shy" individuals.
    I believe this will help my kids when they grow up.
    Especially since a lot of the "new" generation, (1 out of 70 boys) is autistic, and I'm not sure the exact ratio of girls, will need help socializing, and the internet seems to be the place.
    But I DO plan to teach my kids manners and how to have face-to-face interactions.
    Nothing beats manners. Nothing.
    I totally agree with Hannibal Lecter "EAT the rude!" *wink*