Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miracle doctor

Me oh my!!!
After yesterday my faith in doctors was next to nil.
Today I went to a brand new doctor. I had also made an appointment for Dave at the same time, because he has a very bad sinus infection and was due for a check up anyway.
I LOVE her!!! She's brilliant, understanding, caring- you name it.
I knew the very second I stepped into the waiting room. I grabbed Dave's arm and whispered to him, "I'm going to love this doctor. I know this already."
I met two older women while filling out paper work. They were so nice and had nothing but good things to say about the doctor I was about to see.
The woman I was speaking to had THREE OPEN heart surgeries and we had SO much in common.
I told her, I hoped to see her again soon.
She replied- I most definitely will.
She was THAT nice.
All the nurses were so sweet and really professional.
I felt kind of at home there. And that's a good thing- because I basically LIVE in doctor's offices anyways.
The doctor gave Dave a full exam and an EKG, apparently besides being an internal medicine doctor- she specializes in cardiology!!!
My luck just looked up!!!
She also gave him an ultrasound of his heart- his very first one EVER!!! And he's turning 38 years old!!!
Man, we are SO different!! The first one I had was when I was 16 years old!!
His blood pressure was very high, as per usual.
The doctor told him she'll give him 3 months to lose weight, and change his diet and start exercising- otherwise he may need surgery because his weight could kill him.
I LOVE this doctor.
This isn't the first time a doctor has told him this- but I feel this was the first time he really listened.
She examined me and listened to EVERYTHING I had to say.
Really listened!!!
I cried in her office- because it touched me so much, after all I've been through with doctors my entire life, especially recently with the doctor that molested me.
I was in so much pain- everywhere. I could barely walk.
I had gained almost ten pounds in two weeks from SWELLING with water!
I was 125 lbs- two weeks ago, and now 135- and I have actually been eating healthier!
My legs are very swollen and very uncomfortable.
She gave me a breast exam- and told me right there, my breasts are very cystic and I will continue to have mammograms with her, every single year.
She is requesting all my information from "the bad doctor" I went to weeks ago.
She also suggested that I go to an endocrinologist, that she knows and recommends, for my thyroid. As well as an arthritis doctor, for the pain I'm in all the time- she suggests that I probably have Fibromyalgia!
After everything I've been through. Still most doctors believe the diagnosis is make-believe, this is of course because most doctors- don't READ, or believe that anyone could ever possibly REALLY be in that much pain all the fucking time.
Did I mention, I HATE most doctors?!!!
The nurse hooked me up- right then and there to a event monitor (also called Holter monitor) and have to stay connected to it for 24 hours.
I'm connected right now- as I type this.
I have to go back tomorrow morning- to get disconnected and get a fasting-lab. NO EATING- for 12 hours before the blood test. Dave will be getting a blood test as well.
She also suggests I may have an arrhythmia.
BTW- my blood pressure was 96/65.
I was sweating and feeling so sick while in her office.
I can't wait to feel better...hopefully SOON.

Let's hope she, or the other doctors I'll be seeing, find out what's wrong AND FAST!

I also have to go back the day before my 30th birthday for a stress test.
Yep- I'm turning 30 soon. I can't believe it!
Shouldn't I be turning 84 or something already???!!!

Kisses Bitches!!!
Thanks for all your prayers!

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