Friday, February 11, 2011

A day in the ER

No, not for me. For my little girl.

Just to catch you up-
Violet went- before her current school- to another preschool for only 4 days (AMAC) before she came home with scratches and bruises up and down her arms ( restrain marks from an adult).
I called the school, the bus company, board of ed, filed a police report, it was a nightmare!
They couldn't tell me what happened- or who did it!
I checked her everywhere- luckily there weren't any other marks.
But she didn't want to be touched for three weeks and screamed and rampaged though the house.
No one- not the school, nor the bus company would tell me what happened- they blamed each other. It's very very unlikely it was the bus- because she was only on the bus for 20 minutes most of which she was sleeping.
I KNEW it was the school.
They made it impossible for me to talk to the teacher- the teacher was ignoring me!
It was a mess.
My daughter never returned to that school- no matter how much THEY BEGGED!
At first I was calling lawyers and advocates, but I didn't want to go to court, or sue- I just wanted ANSWERS!!! Not money.
Yes, I know I'm poor. But this isn't the way to make money- at least that's what I believe.
After all the investigations- one investigator told me "You may never know what happened".
That devastated me.
But he was right.

At that point, I had spoken to my CPSE official and finally got approved the para I wanted Vivi to have ALL ALONG!!!
Plus he found a great school, and was able to get her enrolled, even in October!
When I toured this school- I KNEW this was the one.
It was perfect!
It is still perfect!

Today I got a call from the nurse.
I've never ever had a good relationship with a school nurse before.
In Vivi's old school I got into a screaming match with the bitch of a nurse and at the end of our fight I ended up saying  "You're STUPID!!!" ( I was so frustrated at her stupidity I became a child!)
And her response was priceless- and completely validated what I had just said.
And that's the very last thing we ever said to each other. like I said- I got a call from ( Violet's present) school nurse
I was totally calm- I knew whatever she was to tell me- it would be Violet's doing, not someone else. I trust her para more than anything (She's honorary family!!!), and all the teachers and therapists there are the most caring and loving people I've ever dealt with in a school before, or almost anywhere, for that matter.

She told me that my daughter hurt her arm, while hugging her boyfriend (so super cute!!! This boy is such a sweety!!!) she tripped and fell on a mat (padded in the "snooze room"- a beautiful sensory room with lights and sounds and everything imaginable!). She started screaming in pain- holding her arm.

I was calm- I knew they were speaking the truth- after all, my daughter is a dare devil!
We call her the "Terminator!!!" She rarely ever feels pain. She's a robot assassin!
After all I've been through with the old school, it's such a relief to completely trust people that take care of my baby girl.

I had my mom pick her up from school, she works nearby, put her in a cab and brought her home very quickly.
When she got home- Dave and I immediately took her to the emergency room- the closest one to us- Beth Israel. Apparently they don't have a pediatrics department!
Surprise surprise!!!
Well, Violet started crying the minute we got there and didn't stop for about 2 hours.
She got x-rays done of both arms- so that they could compare- since her bones are so tiny.
Besides being a little girl, she takes after me, in that our bone structure is very very small- I know it's hard to believe- but it's true.
They couldn't see any obvious signs of a fracture and referred us to a specialist- a pediatric orthopedist.
The doctor was very nice and kind- Violet trusted her- and that says a LOT! My daughter can "read" a person QUICK! Whether they are good people or not.
And this doctor was.
She was the only child in the Entire hospital, and on top of that SHE'S AUTISTIC!
They had no idea what to do- except for the doctor treating her, she was an angel!
She even said if Vivi still won't use her left arm by Sunday that I should bring her back- FOR HER (the doctor that treated her) to see because she wants to make sure she's okay.
This was the first trip in awhile that it was just Vivi, her daddy and me and definitely the very first time without a stroller!
So even though the circumstances sucked, I was savoring every minute with Violet.
After the hospital discharged us- we went to the mall nearby our house.
We were all starving!!
On the way to McDonald's- I saw bootleg pillow pets- and was determined to buy her a new one.She seems to be collecting them- and sleeps with every single one of them- she uses them as her pillows, her mattress, and her blanket!!! So cushy!
We got her a wolf pillow pet(like I said- bootleg!) and named it "Wolfie" (after the character from the Disney t.v. show Special Agent Oso). She seemed to then LOVE, snuggle and kiss "Wolfie" over and over again.
I love that my daughter connects with stuffed animals so much- not every single stuffed animal- but a select few- I think she sees into their SOULS!!!
I love my baby girl!
She carried Wolfie with her right hand as daddy held her arm gently while she walked between us to McDonald's.
She sat in their highchair snuggling and giggling with Wolfie while she ate her chicken nuggets.
To me, this was one of the best moments- of course not the part about her being hurt- but the time we were given to just focus on my girl.
I decided from that point on, Violet will get alone time with us, as will Levi.
I'm also going to buy finger paints and such for the times in the day, on the weekends when Levi is napping and she's wide awake.

While we walked toward the exit of the mall- all these people were telling me how beautiful Violet was.
This was truly extraordinary!!
No matter how beautiful I think she is, people in the streets, while we lived in Manhattan, never ever complimented Violet. Ever! Levi- it happened all the time. But something about Violet bugged people- because she would be flapping her hands- or yelling bizarre sounds- and it would unnerve the fuckers!
Meanwhile it was normal- even sweet to me.
That's my baby. She'll never be normal- but I'm glad about that and wouldn't have her any other way!!!

*P.S. I got my blood tests results- the doctor said she'd never in her entire LIFE seen thyroid test results like this (my TH and T3 are way below, way way below what they should be, and my T4 is through the fucking roof)!
See! She didn't believe me when I told her- but now- she's a true believer!!! For sure!!!
Now she believes me when I tell her, like I did today that I'm super swollen and uncomfortable.

Kisses Bitches!!!!
Where's the morphine when ya need it, ya know?!

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