Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last night...

I finally lost my virginity.
Nah- That's a fucking LIE!

I thought it was a great way to start this blog though.
It got your attention, and I'm SURE you're very confused right now.
Just the way I like you!!!CONFUSED.

Last night was the first night in about 4 MONTHS that I went out on the town- at night- in the city!
You all know- I have heart "issues", so Dave kept threatening me- that if I wasn't well enough we wouldn't go out, and end up staying home.
At this point I didn't care if my heart fell out of my body and onto the floor.
I was going out to see my friends perform.
I took aspirin earlier in the day- because in the morning my heart wasn't doing too well.
I was really getting to my breaking point with everyone and the constant upkeep of the house.
Cleaning up after seven people- 2 of which are really crazy kids- it's nearly impossible.
And really taking a toll on me.
I was putting clean clothes away, and straightening up our bedroom while Dave was sleeping.
I hadn't slept well in a few days, so getting agitated wasn't exactly difficult.
I was arguing with Dave, basically waking him up- when he fucking LOST it.
BTW the night before I got into a fight with both my sister and Dave because they weren't helping me enough with the house.
I told them, "You don't want me to have a heart attack- then FUCKING DO SOMETHING!"
Meaning cleaning the house, chores and such.
They understood, and felt badly that I was working so hard. That night they cleaned the living room. That made me so happy!
They promised that from that point forward they would do everything.
Back to the story-
Dave lost it, started SCREAMING at me, slammed the bedroom door shut so hard that the door lock shot off the fucking door knob!
He was telling me to sit down and shut up and to stop cleaning. That he would do it.
I just stared at him- at his rage attack- and I don't know why- this totally proves how fucking insane I am- because in the FUCKING FACE of death- by Dave's hands- instead of being scared- I started hysterically laughing.
Again, I have no clue why. But I found this whole situation so freaking funny!
I couldn't stop David screaming.
This of course made him more and more angry.
Obviously- he didn't kill me, or hurt me. I'm still here.
And he never ever wants me to die- that was the whole point of his rage attack.
But man- that look in his eye was that he was gonna fucking kill me and all I could do was laugh! Not forcing myself to laugh- that would be SO stupid! But really honestly laughing and I couldn't stop.
I really think something is wrong with me.
Dave always tells me, that I'm the one fucking crazy chick that would go face to face and provoke a massive angry guy ready to kick my ass.
I do have one set of fucking balls I know this- because every time I'm close to death- I just get in the person's face- because I'm scrappy. You never ever know what a scrappy crazy bitch is gonna do, that's for sure!
After my laugh attack. I was angry at Dave for the fight.
Not that I hadn't started it. But I have major issues with his temper obviously.
He then started folding clean laundry, I sat down next to him and he then told me, all teary eyed and trying not to cry (Dave is just like me in that we HATE showing vulnerability- especially crying!!!), that he had just had a nightmare that I was cleaning and yelling- and then died, right there on the floor of a heart attack.
Right then and there- I stopped being mad. I saw why he was so upset.
Because his nightmare was coming true, and he didn't want me to die.
I am Dave's best friend, besides being his wife.
I know, he would not be able to function, if I died- when I die.

We then got ready to go out, into the city, to see a few very close friends of mine perform.
Because of my health, and having two autistic kids- going out at night- ain't easy!
I had planned this a month ago, when I first found out about the concert/ CD release party.
My mom and sister watched my babies while Dave and I went out.
We ended up going out to dinner, a great Japanese food restaurant right next to Pomme Frites (on 7th street and 2nd ave.) I had the very best ramen I've ever had in my entire life.
Dave drank both his and my drink with dinner.
I wasn't planning on drinking for obvious reasons, but I did want a taste!
Afterwards we walked to the first of my friends performances, at Recoup Lounge.
Nea Phyte (! I suggest you all check her out!
I love her!!! We go way back! We worked together on photo shoots for a long time, sometimes me being the model, sometimes me being the hairstylist.
We always had a great time! She's a creative genius!
Dave was totally wasted after dinner, and it was only 7:30 p.m!!!
He was shouting while thinking he was whispering, scaring all the chicken heads in the area (A DEFINITE PLUS!!!), saying things like: exact words-"I'm smooth! I'm as smooth as a Butter Dick!"
I had no idea what he was talking about- or even to- at this point.
We got to the lounge (which I remembered back in my lesbian days- it was a lesbian club and they had a wicked 80s night every Friday- oh yea with a stripper pole attached to the bar!!). When I mentioned this to Dave, about the stripper pole attached to the bar. He replied with "Wow. That's technology!!!" See??? What the hell was he talking about??! Robot Strippers or something??
Back to the story.
I took some photos of her performing, she was brilliant!
Dave still was suffering from a cough- and decided to self-medicate. He took both adult cough medicine, adderal (an upper), with aspirin ( you know- so that HE doesn't DIE!) with a Corona. Good job, Dave. Good job!!!
I threatened him, I was gonna send him home. If he dropped, I couldn't pick him off the floor by myself. NO WAY!
He begged, that we continue our night out and that he was having a GREAT TIME!
Oy Vey!
Nea's friends gave us a lift to nearby Arlene's Grocery (where my other friends were playing- the band JSE!!!
Dave was leading me- the wrong fucking way- because I was stupid enough to follow a drunk.
Luckily I asked a chick- for directions.
We arrived at Arlene's Grocery- and that's when the night really became magical for me.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Nea's performance, but the place Recoup- was not cool enough, in my opinion, for my great friend, Nea, to perform, she needs a stadium and a great sound system to back her beautiful vocals up!
Dave had yet another drink...or two or three.
I had my first and LAST drink- and it sucked. REALLY?! How do you mess up a vodka and tonic??? It's so simple! That's why I ordered it!!!
Again, I'm getting off topic.
It was finally time for my friends, to perform on stage.
And they BLEW everyone AWAY!!!!
Dave was so shocked. He hadn't heard their music before.
Youtube videos and mp3s didn't do them justice!!! At all!!!
The whole time I'm thinking how much, I would love to manage this band. How both Nea and JSE should be famous! Are definitely talented and attractive enough to "make it" in the business. Plus they are good people!!!!
How many talented people- are GOOD PEOPLE??!!! AND FAMOUS?!
Not many at all!
I thought about my days, talking to music producers and hanging out at Sony music studios (Shout out to NADINE!!! I miss YOU!).
I thought about how amazing their music would sound on CD if it was recorded in a state of the art music studio.
But time ( being a busy- barely sane- mom) and health problems (physical and being bipolar obviously) keep me at bay.
I hope my friends make it big. They deserve it!!!
My girl, Natalia, sings in the band- and her stage presence is undeniable.
She's so confident and beautiful on stage.
Jay- lead guitarist- is a magician with the guitar! As well as having a great voice.
The drummer- is THE BEST drummer I've ever heard perform. Really incredible!
Two bass players, performed last night in the band- Nappy (the coolest name ever, right?! Real Name!)
And Joseph Haines- who dressed like he was from the movie Scarface! Also brilliant on Bass!
And guest singer Robert Bermudez Cordell. When him and Natalia sang together- it was simply magic.

That's enough of me praising people- remember I hate being nice ;)

So enough of this blog post already- it needs to end. I mean who likes to read anyways, huh?!
Play that funky music, White Boy!!!

Kisses Bitches!!!
ROCK OUT with your cock out!!!

* photo I took of Dave and I outside last night, in the rainy shitty weather.
He as you could tell, was already wasted.
a quote from Dave last night "I feel like one of the fucking penguins from (the movie)Happy Feet!
When all other leave- WE REMAIN!!! When the sun vanishes from the sky- WE REMAIN."


  1. Beana! I was so so so happy you guys went to the show. I had been looking forward to you being at our show for a long time and knowing how hard it is normally to get you guys out because of all your responsibilities that you need to accomplish on a daily basis. To know that you took that one day to see your friends means so so much to me and to us. I love ya honey! I am a true Beana supporter!!! You make me smile!

  2. I soo wish I had been there!!
    But between family drama and the Super Bowl, there was no way I could go. It would have been nice to hang with you treetop crazy cats in a social setting, but I know other events will happen, including my 30th birthday, though what that will entail I know