Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a waste of time!

What a waste of time- not about reading my blog, of course. I mean, about going to the doctor today.
Yet again, another doctor, he sees me- being a woman, and young-
and thinks I'm crazy.
He then tells me I have a fainting disorder!
Can you believe this!!! I don't even FAINT!
This doctor was affiliated with Lenox Hill hospital in Manhattan!
Normally, I'd just give up at this point. But I'm not gonna!!!
I'm seeing yet another doctor, hopefully tomorrow, depending on how bad the weather gets.
A brand new Primary Care doctor..and it's a SHE!!! Wooohoooo!
Dave came with me today, and saw me plead my case- I told him everything that was happening, that my grandfather died very young from heart failure.
Nothing. nada- made any difference.
He didn't even comment on how low my blood pressure was ...100/70 (this is actually high for me).
I'm trying hard to find a female cardiologist as well as an endocrinologist (for my thyroid disease).
Fun times...fun times.
Plus the office was a shit hole!!! In a neighborhood that I knew nothing about.
The ONLY good thing that came out of this visit..was the bakery that was nearby.
Ahhh.....now that's real love!
If you know me- you know I LOVE sugar. Especially when my thyroid is high, it makes me crave sugar- like CRACK!
And this bakery smelled like heaven. It also had my favorite cake of all time.
A cake I haven't had in years!
Mocha cake....yummmmmmmmm.
When it's made correctly- it is a slice of perfection.
I saw this cake- and it was cheap- only $10!!!
Did I die?? Was this heaven??
But why , in heaven, would I still have to pay???
I guess I wasn't dead yet.
When Dave and I got home, I didn't want any dinner- I just wanted some of that delicious goodness in mah belly!!! Right away.
Yummmmmm...totally worth it.

The saga continues.

Kisses Bitches.

BTW- my mom started crying, because she's upset that all the doctors I've seen, aren't helping me, at the exact time, I was eating a slice of perfection (mocha cake).
I said to her "Mom. Please don't cry. If you cry while I'm eating cake, I'll seem insensitive".
And she started laughing hysterically.
That's the way I deal with things- laughing about it. I finds it helps a lot.

P.S. When Dave knocked over boxes at a pharmacy, he looked at the staff and yelled: "You got GHOSTS!"

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