Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy muthafuckin' V-Day

No, I don't mean happy Venereal disease Day-
I mean happy Valentine's Day.

Truthfully, I don't celebrate it anymore.
I'm sure my kids will grow up celebrating it. And I will show them my love- as per usual.
But for me- I learned a long long time ago-
you're just setting yourself up for disappointment if you hype up the day with your loved one/boyfriend/girlfriend.
Yeah- I'm total downer.
But truthfully- realizing this many years ago- helped me actually enjoy myself and not be miserable all V-day long.
I've been so very poor for sooo very long- and live with procrastinators- so everything was always left to the last minute and we ended up doing nothing.
Now- I don't expect anything- and I always end up- NOT pissed off full of disappointment.
This was Dave and my exact conversation just a few minutes ago, WORD FOR WORD on V-day (at around 12 a.m.)!
Dave:...that grammy's with the girl who sang the god song years ago- what if god...
Me: OH,...GOD... I thought you said cowboy..
I thought you said the song was about a cowboy.
What if cowboys are like us?
I could be a cowboy
No you can't
Yes I can
You'd have to get up early
Fuck that! I'll be a midnight cowboy. Wait. That was a movie.
Midnight Cowboy. That was a movie with John Voight.
What's it about?
Dudes fuckin' other dudes.
SHUT YOUR STUPID PIE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Followed by us laughing our asses off at how funny that was.

That's a typical conversation between Dave and I- and it being V-day right now, doesn't change a thing.
I URGE you not to put so much pressure on V-day. It's just another day.
And if you show your love everyday then fucking up V-day would't matter, right??

The way I'm celebrating my V-day today- same as every Monday- Levi has therapy and then I take him to school. I still have to do chores. No exceptions.
But at Lee's school, I get to celebrate with "my mamas"( my group of mom friends at Lee's school).
I now look forward to weekdays!
I never in my entire life thought that would happen!

Kisses Bitches!!!
Don't be sad about V-day, it's just another day.


  1. I never was a fan of V-Day and I prefer calling it "Venereal Disease Day" or "VD-Day" because in truth many of those do in fact get exchanged on Valentines day.
    For those who don't believe it, just use common sense. More people are likely to fuck on Valentines Day so people are more likely to get a venereal logic.

    Sure I could hate the day because I never had a boyfriend on Valentines Day, or because I'm not a fan of public displays of affection, and also because if I love someone I don't need a special day to show them I love them, nor do I need a special day to feel it. If it's there, it's there, and you know it.
    But mostly I hate Valentines Day because I hate Pink...LOL!

  2. Girl, I LOVE you! My dear twin!!!
    We have TOO much in common!
    I'm not a big fan of public affection now- I used to be a long long time ago- very long time ago- and when I was in a lesbian relationship. Yeah- I know I'm a contradiction! Plus I was manic at the time.
    But that's a whole other story!!!