Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey everyone!
Sorry it's been awhile- it's been quite hectic here.
I've been looking at new apartments, going to doctors, running around like a chicken without a head.
Today I saw doctors! Woohoo! In one day- Lucky me.
The first was a gyno- and he didn't have good news to tell me.
Apparently he thinks my endometriosis is back- and in a really bad stage- meaning not much can be done to fix it other than surgery.
But surgery has it's own many many risks- He thinks my insides are twisted due to lots of C-sections and prior surgeries. By him opening me up again, it would be very risky and complications could happen with bladder, uterus, basically all my insides. OH joy! He put me on new birth control medication- which usually makes me really ill. Oh and he gave me another Pap smear-  to make sure it's not cancer- after everything was done, I said to him "Fun times. Fun times." To which he laughed. Hopefully this will help the pain, otherwise my other options aren't any better- the last option being surgery.
Then after that FANTASTIC news- I went for my breast sonogram.
Oh yea- and when he was prescribing me the medication- he asked me if I get migraines- to which I replied- "Yes, yes I do. Why do you ask?"
He then said "do you see an aura before you get them. Can you "sense" it will happen before it actually happens?"
"Ummm, I get pain. It starts small- gets big fast".
He answered "Ok, because if you do and you're on this medication you could possibly have a brain hemorrhage."
I looked at him, like "Are you fucking kidding me?!!!"
He was dead serious.
Apparently I pissed off the wrong spirit, or god or something-
because everyone has been hitting me straight between the eyes!
Including the sonogram technician.
She was such a cunt!!!
Asking all kinds of inappropriate questions. She was so super nasty to me.
I didn't get an attitude at all with her, or anyone else that's been getting mad at me for only god knows what reasons.
Everyone asks me why I don't get angry back.
I just don't- I try to maintain my cool and be polite no matter how out of line they are.
As far as I know and feel- it's their karma they are ruining, not mine.
I don't know the results yet, but tomorrow I see the breast surgeon. Fun times.
A Broker called me about an apartment- and starting the conversation by yelling at me. She was so pissed at me- and I'd never ever talked to her before.
Again, I was nice and polite the entire way through.
I told Dave later that I feel I'm ignored by everyone all the time-unless they're angry. Then I get it right between the eyes.
I don't even know what I did to deserve it.
All I try to do all day- everyday, is help people.
I'm just trying to keep my cool- even with everything in chaos.
I'm under so much stress right now- emotionally and physically.
Just trying to get through the day- the week- the month.
I hope someone's watching up there- and something so magical is going to happen to my family and I- and sometime SOON would help.

That's the news thus far-
Kisses Bitches! Be nice to each other, would ya?

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  1. Fuck Um!!
    Your doing the right thing girl and things will work themselves out in the end...
    ♥ Ya :)