Thursday, October 7, 2010

So many Boob tests-so little time

Hey guys and gals- sorry it's been a few days.
I went for my mammogram on Tuesday- and the radiologist wasn't there- like he was supposed to be.
He was supposed to exam the tests results right away then send me for a sonogram and goodness knows what else.
They fucked up- gave me the mammogram and then sent me home.
Fun times.
My doctor called me and asked if the radiologist had been there- but he spoke to Dave instead because I was at the sensory gym with Violet (where I get no phone reception whatsoever).
They had nothing to compare the mammogram results to- they just treated it like a normal annual mammogram- which it wasn't supposed to be due to the symptoms I'm experiencing.
Again like I said, fun times.
Every doctor is postponing appointments- important appointments I really needed to go to.
I'm so done with all this bullshit.
Plus the papers were signed yesterday in court- we now will officially be moving by November 31st.
To where??? I have no clue- I have to find a place FAST!
On top of trying to find a new home, I have doctor's appointments galore- lots of pain- therapy appointments for both my kids, start packing things into boxes, the list goes on and on.
Plus I think the "spirit" or "spirits" in my house are really angry we're moving. So way more shit has been happening in the house- not good things either.

Oy Vey!

Wish me luck!!!
Thank you everyone for your support-

Kisses my beautiful Bitches!

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