Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boob day

I hadn't slept in four days- I was nervous about yesterday's mammogram.
One of my very best gals came with me- I felt honored. I filled out some forms.
They finally called me in, and immediately took me aside.
The nurse asked me if I've ever had a mammogram before- I replied yes, and sonogram, so on and so on.
She said she didn't want to expose me to that much radiation- to which I laughed.
Because I've had several CatScans and MRI- pretty much every year for about 17 years straight.
Then I told her what was wrong- the pain in my left breast , that I haven't been able to wear bras for over a week.
She talked to her supervisor- and then said to me just like this:
" I'm so sorry but we have to reschedule this mammogram for today.
If this was just an annual mammogram there wouldn't be a problem, but-
there's obviously a serious problem here, and we need a radiologist present.
He will look at the mammogram film at the moment it's being done and he may send you for a sonogram as well, and maybe something after that- that same day."
Wow! That took the wind out of me!
I scheduled it for Tuesday morning at 9:30 A.M.
She apologized. And said the person that made the appointment- they had no idea I would need the radiologist present.
I asked her if I should still keep my breast surgeon appointment for that following Friday, October 7th.
She said "Keep it!"
Okay- so now I won't sleep till Tuesday.
I was in a lot of pain last night and couldn't sleep, I took a pain killer- which made me yap away for the next two hours- then pass the fuck out.
So here I am today- still uncomfortable and not feeling well. I'm so tired even though I got a lot of sleep. My body hurts really badly. I can't wait to get some answers.
I HOPE they'll have some answers for me.
My friends and family- know that I want both breasts removed- I've wanted this for over four years now- no reconstruction- no implants.
Most people look at me like I'm crazy when I say this- but it's my body, not there's.
My boobs my problem- your boobs- YOUR problem.

Kisses Bitches - Check YOUR TA-TAS MAMAS!!!

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