Sunday, October 10, 2010

Comic Con 2010

This is the ONE event I go to every year.
We save up little by little and finally get to go somewhere with the kids- somewhere fun!!!
It was so nice to be able to get some things for the kids- and ourselves for once.
Usually we just get to look at everything- and sigh.
It was nice for change.
You all know both Violet and Levi have special needs- Violet was in her own world most of the time- but liked the stuffed animals I got her very very much.
Levi was screaming for most of it- but for a few moments at a time- would get the giggles- thanks to my friends!!!
One of my very best gals came with us to the convention and met my other friend at the convention.
We ALL dressed up as Princess Leia- not slave Leia- The "you're my only hope" Leia.
Including both my kids and my sister.
Both Vi and Lee wouldn't keep the hat with the buns on their head.
And YES I dressed my son as Princess Leia- but most people thought he was dressed as Luke Skywalker- because of his blond hair.
My friend and I took turns wheeling my sister around in a wheelchair. You all know she has a heart condition, and walking around a lot is very difficult for her.
So we wheeled her- no biggie- she's a light weight!
This time the convention was HUGE!!! I know we must have missed so many booths!!
A total bummer!!!
But we all had such a great time.
I needed this so much- especially with all the depression and health issues I've been experiencing.
It was a very welcomed break.
I was with my peers- GEEKS!!!
We all love video games, comic books, movies, anime, manga and DRESSING UP!
Now we're all back home- back to reality.
Everyone was taking our picture!!! It was so fun!!
My friend said it was her first time dressing up- being the center of attention- going to a comic con.
I get that a lot- That I'm people's "First".
Before you go thinking dirty thoughts- well- you can go ahead and think dirty- sometimes it was.
But usually I just like getting people to do things they've never done before.
In the past- that might have been going to a gay bar, dancing and drinking till the wee hours of the morning- then going to Katz Deli for the munchies.
I like getting people out of their "comfort zone".
I don't think I have one.
Or maybe I do- being in the spotlight! That's my comfort zone.
It's probably all the time I spent manic and dancing on tables- taking the microphone- and pouring drinks from the bar for people even though I was never a bartender.
I feel honored when people feel safe with me- enough to try things they've never done before.
Because I take care of my friends like they are my family- BECAUSE THEY ARE MY FAMILY.
They are safe with me.
Funny thing happened though-
There are ALWAYS people with "free hugs" signs at AnimeFest ( which was a part of Comic Con this year). Mostly it's pervs just wanting a feel.
And usually it's girls. Hahahaha!
I don't usually hug these people.
But I do stop for just about everyone who asks for a photo. Especially kids!!!
No need to be rude ;)
We separated for awhile Dave with the kids, me with my friends and sister, then he got to go alone through the comic con for a few hours. It's only fair.
But as we were all leaving together- my sister's friends included-
all these guys were shouting "Princess Leia want a free hug???"
I would just shake my head- "Thanks- but no thanks" while smiling.
It's still flattering.
But this one GROUP of guys asked a few times- over and over again- RIGHT IN FRONT OF DAVE!!
I shook my head "no" and thought- wow these guys have BALLS asking in front of Dave- and 300+ pound guy- with anger issues! hahahaha!
But he's not the jealous type- at least I've never seen him act like the jealous type.
This time- was different. He looked DEAD in these guys eyes- and said "No no no no no" while shaking his head at them as if they should be ashamed!!!
Then he asked one of them "If you want a hug from me- I'll give you one."
All of us were SHOCKED!
The guy said "Yeah sure!"
And Dave and this random guy did this manly brotherly hug- that men do. And all was forgiven.
There was a look in Dave's eyes that I haven't seen in YEARS and YEARS.
It was jealousy- and it took me by surprise.
And truthfully I liked it- it made me feel special.
It's a great feeling- to feel not only feel like a wife and mother- but like a hot piece of ass.
Fuck yeah!
Hot piece o' ass!

Another funny thing-
A random guy saw my friend, my sister and I (all Leias) and said exact words "So many Leias so little time!"
This made me laugh so freaking hard!!
I LOVE shit like this-stories galore!
At first when we all planned the whole- Leia Legion theme- I didn't think about the whole- Leia Orgy fantasy. Man I'm fucking SLOW!
Today was awesome! No actually beyond awesome- DIVINE!
Can't wait for next year.

Oh wait---soon comes Halloween!!!!
Man, no one has Halloween parties anymore!!! This SUCKS!!!
I'd love to go to an ALL adults only Halloween party. That would be AWESOME!

Okay now I'm going WAY off topic.
I'm gonna stop here.
And probably die a little.
I haven't eaten much today because of the whole stomach bug I had this weekend.
I wish I could go to sleep- and go to the comic con again tomorrow. But alas it's over.
Next time- Weekend pass!!!

Kisses to my geeky beautiful bitches out there!!!
May the Force be with you!
(Yes, I'm a HUGE star wars fan!!! )

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  1. I still feel the buns pressed to my ears...
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