Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bargain shopping

Some of my favorite words put together- bargain and shopping!
This is what I do day in and out. I LOVE shopping but as you all know I'm poor poor poor.
I'm in LOVE with fashion- I grow more and more fond of it with every passing day. I feel my style has also gotten better with age. I've tried every look imaginable.
I'm always up to date with style- I love watching fashion shows via videofashion daily.
There are a few rules I follow when shopping-
1-never ever pay more than $19.99 for one item- ever! Unless it's Men's clothes- then under $24.99 ;)
Every chic article of clothing I wear I bought for under $19.99
Most are $10.
I'm also learning to accessorize!
2- Clothes that FIT well- are key! David sews- so if I need something hemmed, or taken in- he helps. I would love to learn to sew!!!
Men seem to think they don't need to buy clothes that fit- but a proper tailored suit- is worth a million dollars- even if you got it on clearance.
3- ALWAYS look for promo codes! ALWAYS!
Never ever buy online without looking for a promo code. Most are easy to find.
Except for Victoria's Secret promo codes- those are a pain in the fucking ass! If you've ordered from them online- then you know what I mean. Always sign up for special offers and promotions. This includes food items as well.
4-Just because something is in fashion- doesn't mean it'll look good on everyone or that it should be in fashion in the first place. Like this whole floral pattern fad- yes some look nice- but MOST look atrocious and tacky.
5- NEVER EVER pay full price for any item- UNLESS- it's done by a small business- then by all means support the working man- or woman. Always shop what's on sale.
6- The item of clothing or accessory- should be able to be worn with different outfits.
7- Simple is ALWAYS better. Too many patterns or colors, or accessories- looks tacky and distasteful.
8- A belt is almost always a good idea.
9- Never be afraid to ask someone where they got what they're wearing.
10- Whatever you buy, make sure you can walk AND sit in it.
I'll leave it here, and return if there're any rules I remember.

Kisses to my shopping Diva bitches.


  1. Anything you have to teach about fashion, I'm all ears...:-)
    This former tom boy needs all the help she can