Monday, June 21, 2010

So Crazy

I'm a fan of The Secret ( the book/movie) on facebook, and get updates from them occasionally.
Today's update said to live your life like what you want or wish for WILL happen. Like when you order something from a catalog- you expect it to come- so we should expect our thoughts and wishes to come true as well- as if we ordered them from a catalog.
While on my way to Walgreen's (one of my favorite stores) to buy Levi formula, I glanced at my reflection in a window and was like "DAMNNNNNNNNNN! What the fuck is going on with my hair?!?"
When I get to Walgreen's I asked a saleswoman for assistance. BTW I know almost everyone that works there- and chat with them all the time. So this woman I'd see frequently, but she never talked to me...until today. She asks if I was growing my hair out- to which I replied "Yes." I was surprised she was talking to me. She then replied "I don't think you should, I like it way better very short." This caught me totally off guard. She had long beautiful curly hair- not someone I'd expect to like super short hair at all.
I said "Wow- I was JUST thinking about what to do with my hair. Thanks so much!"
See how certain questions or thoughts get answered right away- and others take so long.
I wish this would work for me to win the lotto. Come on LOTTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So who knows what will happen? I'm just gonna live my life like I already ordered it from a catalog.
Now let's see what I'll order....hmmmm....

Kisses Bitches!!! Go ahead and order already!!!!
*photo of my hair super short ( from a couple of months ago)

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  1. I ordered a Man but he seems to be on back
    So in the mean time I ordered a hot sexy body, a handle on my health, and a future job as a photographer...
    I'll tell ya when my order comes in...;-)