Saturday, June 12, 2010


My view on this subject is complicated, for obvious reasons. Not every doctor agrees on how we define autism or what causes it but they do agree that Autism is "activated" by trauma, or an attack on the immune system- That's what vaccines are, attacks on the immune system. They attack the immune system. Now add in genes, that possibly a child is predisposed to having autism but was showing no signs of autism until a certain vaccination.
I HATE when people- who OBVIOUSLY don't have autistic children, especially doctors who are PAID by the vaccination companies- say vaccines DO NOT cause autism.
It's the most ridiculous, ignorant thing to say, in my opinion.
And it's almost always doctors. Why, you ask?
Because they feel EVERY piece of research they read is true. But they never really RESEARCH anything FULLY- just half way- or anything that proves their case.
ARGH! This infuriates me so much.
As you all know my daughter is autistic. A very very old friend of mine- stated on facebook- "genes NOT vaccines"- meaning genes NOT vaccines are the cause of autism. There are quite a few things this person WON'T learn from a fucking book-
1- EVERY single parent of an autistic kid- thinks what they could have done differently- and how they caused their child's autism. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
2- NONE of these doctors have seen the change before their own eyes- and the ones that have- SWEAR that vaccines can possibly cause autism.
Until you SEE the change in your own child- from day one- after receiving the vaccination- you should shut the fuck up- because you should be thankful you've never seen such a change.
I still remember like it was yesterday the day the nurses held my child down to receive FIVE vaccinations- because the doctor wouldn't let me go without doing this.
I still see that moment in my head- it haunts me- if I could go back in time- I would YANK my daughter away from this horrid stupid stupid doctor! Before the vaccinations she called me "mama" and her daddy "dada". when she went poop- she said "ca-ca" she would laugh and clap and was hitting every milestone really really EARLY- she was astounding! From the moment the vaccinations were given I noticed a big change. She had a fever for two weeks and got very very ill. She couldn't clap anymore or call me "mama" EVERYTHING she had learned was GONE- just like that.
TWO YEARS LATER- I'm still working on getting my daughter to say "mama!". She is my baby- and no matter what- I will never stop fighting to be able to communicate with my daughter.
Just because I believe vaccines play a part in autism, doesn't mean I believe genes have nothing to do with it. If fact I believe they have a lot to do with it- but NOT EVERY CASE.
My daughter has many autistic friends- most DIRECTLY caused by the vaccinations.
Some of these kids are daughters and sons of ...get this...DOCTORS!
And not one of those doctors believe vaccinations had nothing to do with it.
I believe my daughter was effected environmentally- and people that believe it's just genes- are just plain STUPID.
For example- Amanda Peet, the untalented actress, has a "normal" child and stated people that don't get their children vaccinated are "parasites!" What an Idiot.
First of all, people that have been affected by vaccinations, still give vaccinations to their younger siblings- but usually more spaced apart, and over a longer period of time. Which truly is the SMARTER choice- and I recommend it to every single pregnant woman I know.
Aside from the issue of autism, a big pet peeve of mine is people who take in a little bit of information and then consider themselves experts!
Like assholes that read Michael Crichton!!! I've met doctors like this several times! Professionals who will never admit that they have reached the limit of their knowledge and education and no longer have any idea what the fuck they're talking about.

Don't be one of these douche bags!

If you don't know...SHUT UP!

And if you THINK you know...SHUT UP.

Kisses to all the beloved parents of autistic children out there- I'm here for you!
P.S.- I've had my daughter genetically tested- and all I found out is that she can take a lot of pain!

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