Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dave finally WON!

Yesterday was a humiliating day- or just another day for me.
Dave had been attacking me with scissors for a few days now- I was tiring of it.
Dave fixed the hair buzzer yesterday and bullied me into letting him buzz my hair off. I was nervous- nervous to the point of nausea- because I have issues with authority, and hate when someone is MAKING me do anything- hate it!
But Dave is probably the only person on the planet that can force me to do anything- and he knows this, DAMN IT!
He got loud with me and I couldn't take it anymore- so I bent over the tub- and let him buzz away at my scalp.
Oh the joy- I mean this as sarcastically as possible.
Afterwards me left me- bald and a little shaken- like a sheep that had just been sheared- to go take care of Violet who had just woken up from a short nap.
There I was alone- left to clean up the hair and wash myself off.
I stared at myself in my tiny little mirror- and saw every flaw- flaws that I'd never seen before. Because when you're bald there's no hiding ANYTHING, no blemish, no bump, not anything.
Oy, this was going to be hard.
I felt like I was going in circles- how many times was I going to be bald in my lifetime? Seriously!
I walked into my living room, where Dave, Kayla and my kids were hanging out.
Awaiting their reactions.
My sister right away said how much she liked it. Dave looked proud of myself- I was still a little upset at how he bullied me.
I walked up to Levi, my son- who smiled and giggled. Yeah- that's WAY better than crying hysterically. I'll take giggling.
Violet didn't seem to mind either.
My mom saw it later that day, and said- "Oh my, I'll have to get used to this look again. It'll take me some time." Thanks mom, for the vote of confidence.
I knew from that point on I'd be getting some negative feedback from the people I knew- and of course they people I don't.
Whatever I seem to do angers people, I don't know why- whether it be the pair of glasses I'm wearing, the clothes, or the hairdo- doesn't matter- I anger people.
And sometimes I think that's a good thing.
An ode to punks- old school punks- not the hot topic, dress-a-like, talk-a-like, look-a-like punks that are around nowadays. Fuck those PUNKS!
When your "punk" outfit costs more than a few bucks- you're officially NOT a punk anymore.
That's my opinion anyways-
BTW my head wasn't shaved- it was buzzed- with a number 2 attachment- for all those girls out there that have no idea what I'm talking about- I pity you.
There is one sound in this world that still gives me goosebumps-good goosebumps- to this very day- the sounds of electric appliance buzzing- because that means either I'm getting a haircut- or a tattoo- the two things I really LOVE getting done in this world.
Speaking of tattoo- I'm thinking of finally getting my head tattooed. I've been thinking about this for YEARS. Now if I could only decide on a fabulous tattoo.
Any ideas???

let me know.
I'll be posting photos of my new do- ASAP.
You know it can't be just any photo- it's got to be FIERCE!

Love and kisses to all my bitches!!!!

More to come...

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