Saturday, March 6, 2010

Levi's first audition...

Today was the fisher price audition. I had no idea what to expect.
The was a hallway FULL of babies, all ages, and all quite small.
In comes me with my Levi- he eats other babies for breakfast- he's the size of a one year old- so he's BIG for his age.
There were a bunch of showbiz moms AND dads there. One kid was all smiles at everyone and then fell and started to cry. The showbiz dad, told his one year old daughter, "Shake it off. Just shake it off!" I shit you not!!!
But one mom and I really connected, she was awesome, and I think she was also a model. Her son was GORGEOUS- no joke. The biggest blue eyes.
My mom came with me because Dave was too tired. But my mom's mind went out the window the second we walked in- she was so nervous. It reminded me of my very first audition when I was nine years old- she was an absolute wreck!
So the first part of the audition was video- Levi was amazing, and smiling at the ladies. The second part..the photos...didn't go so well.
Did I mention he'd fallen asleep on the way over there? Well he did and woke up minutes before the video portion of the audition. He started getting really cranky towards the end- when the photos needed to be taken. He wouldn't stay still- I mean he's a baby- but not even for a second. By the end of the shoot the photographer (who was so super nice) and I were sweating from working so hard trying to get a good photo of him.
He's also been teething really badly the past two days.
While the cool mom and I were waiting for the photo shoot portion, an actor came by and said "I just NEEDED to tell you both that your babies are SO cute!!!". It made me feel a little more relaxed then I was before.
When I entered the building my gut was in my throat- I haven't been this nervous since my first few auditions- but then I put my mind at ease, realizing it's no big deal. It's JUST an audition.
I really should of gotten the cool mom's phone number- but I was embarrassed. It's hard meeting cool moms that I have things in common with. Really hard.
Maybe next time I'll have the courage.
Overall the audition went O.K. not great but not horrible.
Oh well hopefully more auditions to come.

Stay tuned- for the many adventures of LEVI!!!

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