Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rough Day.

Still recovering from food poisoning, yet again. Violet's feeling not so great, as well. I've been feeling like crying for most of the day, I hate that feeling!
Today Shannon (her A.B.A. therapist) and I took Violet to the playground, I was using my horrible back up camera to take photos of her. The photos were AMAZING, or I thought they were, because all of a sudden, a message popped up on my camera- no memory card!!! Can you believe it?!!!! After taking all those photos????I hate that fucking camera- it's the fucking Monkey's Paw!
Late in the day I got a call, from the best special Preschool in the city, YAI Gramercy. I had been waiting for their call, to let me know if Violet got into the school or not. It turns out she didn't. I don't blame them, Jessica, the person I spoke to, is extremely nice, and I understood why they decided against taking her in.
I was bummed. Really bummed.
They said she needed more attention than they could provide for her. In their class of eight kids ( 1 teacher, 2 aids) she wouldn't get the help she so desperately needed. They suggested we go to the school across from them, called The Roosevelt School, which even though it was mostly for physically handicapped kids, they do take kids with P.D.D. ( which is what she has). Their classes have six kids to one teacher, two aids. Which is better- but we're worried she'll need her own teacher, or what they call- Para.
It's hard hearing that your child NEEDs more attention and MORE help than they can provide. It's frustrating, and sometimes crippling.
It's been a rough day. I'm tired, sore, and sad.
I hope Violet gets into a good school. I really do.
Her getting into Gramercy, is what I was really wanting to stay in NYC for.
Now I don't know what's keeping us here, other than lack of money.
Frustrating, very frustrating.

More to come. Hopefully good news.

*photo is of Violet, during a snow day a few weeks ago. How can they say no to that face?????

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