Thursday, March 4, 2010


Violet went to the doctor today. She's going to be on a low dose of antibiotics for awhile. She now has to go to a urologist- because she could have a condition called urinary reflux, which can eventually lead to kidney failure, if not treated. Oh my- never ever a dull moment. Today she had many many tantrums, since she's been off antibiotics for two weeks. While she's on the medication she's amazing! She can do so many things- and get this- NO tantrums. I'll be posting a video soon of her- putting numbers in order- she knows how to sequence them from 1-10- on her own. It's crazy!
She also can solve difficult puzzles very easily. It's her thing.
So when she's off the medication- she's freaking out, tantruming, her stomach hurts, she doesn't eat as much, in other words- it's BAD. I'm exhausted.
Today she cried a lot in school, and continued when she got home, then threw up her allergy medication, and THEN went to the doctor. It was a rough freaking day.
But after the doctor, we went straight to the sensory gym- and she was finally happy.
I finally got my insurance back- and scheduled the heart doctor, as well as many other visits. Thank GOD! I'm so relieved.
Levi was signed with my modeling agency awhile ago and now is beginning to get castings. The modeling world won't effect him badly right now- he's a baby. Me, on the other hand, gets a punch to the stomach with every rejection I get- which are plenty.
So busy weeks ahead. Oh yeah, and I have plenty of special Preschool tours to go on this month, since Violet is turning 3 in May and Early Intervention only goes up to age 3. I'm tired- my body is tired. My mind is tired. Hopefully things will be getting easier soon.
I hope.

More to come...

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  1. I just got my Medicaid card in the mail today!!!
    Granted when I called to get my pin, it didn't recognize my number, so now I have to call another number to get help, but that's nothing to the fact that I have Insurance!!!

    I wanted to thank you for helping me to see that getting state/government help is ok. If is weren't for candid openness about it, either through your blog or on the phone, I don't think I ever would have tried.
    For me it became a matter of fear of the stigma and misplaced pride, but you showed me there's nothing to be ashamed of and for that I will be forever grateful.