Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Christmas eve blog!

Hey Everyone!!!
Sorry it's been a few days!

Just wanted to write a very quick blog post for today.

Violet and Levi met Santa!!! At Violet's school!
Violet tried to pull down Santa's beard!
And Levi screamed in fear!

Violet's school sent home her "communication book".
The minute she got home- she pulled out her book to show me what she wanted.
She pointed to "I want" photo and then the "Goldfish" photo.
I almost cried I was so proud of her.
And I went through the entire kitchen to find that damn bag of Goldfish crackers!
Thank goodness we had it! Could you imagine? The first time she requests something from me- and I DON'T have it?!

For the past few days my asthma has been acting up getting worse and worse.
I've been dizzy and wheezing. Fun Times!
But I can sit back now- because I finished cooking Christmas dinner.

BTW I totally went ape shit fucking nuts- because I had nothing I needed to start cooking.
Now I understand  why my mom went crazy all those years EVERY single holiday.

God Bless moms everywhere!

I wish everyone a happy and healthy ( that's the Jewish part of me coming out) Holiday season and a very joyous New Year!!!

*photo of my daughter covered in vanilla pastry cream!!! She's so happy!

Lots of love to all!

Kisses Bitches!!!

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!
    Merry Christmas to you too!
    May you continue to find joy and happiness around every corner...:)