Sunday, December 19, 2010

More differences between men and women


I asked Dave over and over again-
while he was on the Netflix menu on Kayla's PlayStation 3-
while he was scrolling through the list of shitty movies on instant play

Please, please please- go to the list of TV shows!
Over and over again-
Until I lost it and said to him
"If you don't go the the TV menu soon, I will punch you in the balls!"

To which to then looked at my mom and asked her if I talked like this to everyone?

My mom answered "YES!"

I really don't know exactly what my point was-
but I thought this was funny-
and very typical.

Women- first comes polite questions- then comes violence!

Men- Violence first- questions later???


Kisses Bitches!!!

*I enjoy this photo- it makes me laugh.
But I actually don't have a problem with breakfast in bed- I do that for my family a lot-
so then they are AWAKE and have no excuse to not come in the living room afterwards and help me with the kids!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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