Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obsessed with Hair- and products

I've always been obsessed with all things hair related-
hair removal-
hair care products

you name it.
Back when I was babysitting as a kid I'd use most of my money to try out new hair care products- including different colors, conditioners, shampoos- etc.

I used to be an EXPERT on all things hair.

I used to practically live in Ricky's NYC (beauty stores)
It was my candy store!

Now, having been a mom for a few years now-
I haven't been as dedicated to the hair scene as I was before.
But I have learn many new things.

In my lifetime- I've had almost every single hairstyle known to man-
oh yes- it's true
you name it- I've done it

every color imaginable- natural and Unnatural!
Every hair length- including bald (about 6 or 7 times!) Except I have never grown my hair past my butt
I even had the word "Princess" shaved into my hair many years ago- because that was the nickname my girlfriend gave me a long time ago.

Like I said- I've DONE IT ALL!!!

This also is a very typical symptom of me being bipolar-
I change my mind all the time- I go through fashion phases- almost every month- even daily!
Back in the day I even colored my hair THREE times in ONE DAY!
Yeah-I'm Bipolar!!! FOR SURE!

Having done all this- yes I have had my hair fall out-
surprising when my hair wasn't chemically treated at all and was completely all-natural.
(Thyroid issues)

I now have several favorite GO-TO products.
Especially for curly hair.
My hair is very curly and very coarse
White girl- hair products didn't do the job for my hair-
and I finally tried some (don't ask me why they call it this- it's so stupid!) "Ethnic" hair care products.
Now I found the ones in the drugstore- weren't very good.
They were greasy and smelled bad.
I've used them ALL.

Now I have my favorites-
my daughter, Violet, has hair similar to mine, it's extremely curly- but it's fine baby hair at the moment.
But we still are able to use the same products.
I get complements on how GOOD my daughter smells- ALL THE TIME!
And that sh smells good enough to eat!

Now that's a compliment!!!
I always tell them it's her hair creme.

I'm giving away my secret now-

I used to only be able to find it at Ricky's- but I recently found it on amazon! Wooohooo!
Since there's no Ricky's near me in Brooklyn. Boo-hoo!

I LOVE this product- and it styles and conditions at the same time- and smell like vanilla cake!!!
 I also find this product is great for kids!!!
I put it on my daughter's hair before school/ and or going outside.
It's a great way to PROTECT against LICE!
LICE HATE "Dirty hair" meaning- the only like freshly cleaned, no product used in, hair!
You learned something new now didn't ya?!

It's about $13. Now before you say- how expensive it is- because it is costly ( I'm POOR I KNOW THIS), it lasts for MONTHS and MONTHS!! You only need a little bit! It saves money in the long run!

My next fave product-
This one is about $10 and can be bought at target or

It is SO GREAT for my hair and really leaves it healthy looking and feels really soft!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!

Next is a NEW favorite brand of hair care products for me:
Carol's Daughter!

Now these products can get costly- but if you buy one at a time- (usually around $10) or as a gift set- it saves you some money.

These products smell SO SUPER GOOD!!!!
And they make my hair look amazing! Curly, shiny and defined!!!
Especially the spray leave-in conditioners!!!

I find it leaves my hair even more curly than any other creme or hair lotion

Another oldie- but goodie product I've liked for a very long long long time-
Is by bedhead called Curls ROCK amplifier!
I was recommended this by a old Ricky's worker ( years ago) when they actually knew about the products they were selling (now dare to ask a question and all you get are blank stares!)

Now for Shampoo:
This is a tricky one- most shampoos are very drying for coarse hair.
The more expensive ones always seem to work better- but who can afford a $30 shampoo?!!!!

My old fave shampoo/conditioner/ practically every product was by kerastase!
REALLY EXPENSIVE products!! You'd make a killing with commission selling these products!
And they DO work- but I found the shampoo made my face breakout (years ago) so I stopped using them.
I have very sensitive skin- I'm allergic to practically everything out there!

So I decided to go the Sulfate-FREE route-
Even high end products- sulfate free- isn't very easy to fin- it's getting easier- but not quite there yet.
I tried L'Oreals sulfate free reconstructive shampoo-
and the verdict is- I FREAKING LOVE THIS PRODUCT
 This shampoo you can get basically in every drugstore on the planet- well at least MOST of them anyways.
It's $6.99!
And it lasts a long time! A few months at least!
It's didn't dry out my hair, or make me break out. It smells good and leaves my hair extra soft.

So that's my list for now- Hopefully I'll have new fave products coming soon.
I'm not making any money off recommending these products-
I just thought it would be nice to share with all of you-
since I get asked these questions a lot by my friends.

Peace, Love, and Hair picks!!!
Kisses Bitches!

Holla to all my curly hair friends out there!!!

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