Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Nightmares are made of..

SHIT! day- today.
Today sucked hairy-balls-monkey-ass feet!!!

The day started with me feeling like shit- no- more like I was shit on and ATE shit.
That's more what it felt like.
I've been feeling physically okay for two weeks, not mentally at all- but physically.
Today- all the good- went flying out the window-
I've been really really tired for three days- and coffee ain't cuttin' it.
Like ZOMBIE kinda tired- I might start eating brains at this point!
And I've been getting sleep! That's the killer! I've been getting sleep- but I'm even more exhausted.
Then today I was feeling like I was gonna pass the fuck out flat on my face.
So I took another thyroid pill, hoping it would magically up my incredibly low thyroid.
NAH- it didn't.
Anyways to make a long story short-
this is what happened TODAY:
-Had nightmares all night long about vomiting- and my Violet vomiting- very weird.
-I was nauseous ALL DAY LONG.
-I broke a glass in the kitchen, shattered everywhere- cleaned it up half asleep.
-took Levi to school
-came back- he started tantrumming- why? I have no clue- he wasn't hungry, or wet.
-He bashed his chin into the crib, was okay- then when we put him down to run around- he walked fast straight into my parents doorway!
He hit it so hard he FLEW backwards!!!
He had a big bump on his head- still screaming Dave and I put ice and pressure to the bump/bruise- so it wouldn't get any bigger. I was freaking out and trying not to show it- I felt like throwing up!
- Levi's bump went down, as much as possible- it's still bruised
Violet then pushed him down- making him bang his head AGAIN.
Violet was going to get a time out when Dave had to change her diaper- and the POOP diaper fell on the living room carpet!!
That was the last straw! I screamed a fucking HORROR MOVIE SCREAM- so loud!
Get the shit off my carpet!!!
I can laugh about this now- but then I was FREAKED. No one was cleaning it up fast enough.
I couldn't take much more!

Could I even possibly write this if it weren't true???
No one can make this shit up!

That is my life.

Now Levi and Violet are at peace sleeping for the time being- until the day starts again at midnight to them waking up every hour.


I love my babies- I really do.

Kisses Bitches!!!

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