Monday, March 7, 2011

God Bless Tequila!

I went out Friday night with my ex-girlfriend.
I felt guilty about leaving the kids home with their daddy and auntie.
At first I was going to take both my kids and my sister with me, and go to the mall.
But I was angry, and got into an argument with Dave, how I never get a break.
I'm always going out with the kids- it's not fair.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my children but shopping with them is impossible!!!
I went to the mall yesterday with my kids, my sister, my mom and Dave- and it WAS IMPOSSIBLE!
Levi was screaming and banging his head against the stroller for over an hour- for absolutely no reason whatsoever!
And Violet was cranky and having tantrums the entire time.
I'm so glad I got a break on Friday night.
She met my mama clan at Lee's school, well most of the mama clan- a few important members were missing that day. Booohooooo!
Then we headed to her place where we picked up her little niece, one of the coolest chicks I've ever met, and her sister- equally cool.
We went to a mall for a bit- but we both quickly realized- it sucked!
The mall- I mean.
So we left.
We both needed a serious time out from our families.
So we dropped off her family and headed to the city for some fries.
At Pomme Frites of course!!! The very best fry place in the city.
It was freezing cold that night- and I wasn't dressed properly for the weather- so we decided to get shots! You know, to keep ourselves warm.
Tequila shots- at a place nearby- it was very cheap- and very delicious!
God Bless Tequila!!!
I love you tequila!
Be my friend!

I felt every emotion in about five minutes flat.
Sad and happy. It's crazy.
But it really did help me decompress.
It was awesome spending time with her, we talked and talked and talked.
It was a great night.
Afterwards we headed to my house- where for the very first time ever-
Dave, my ex and I hung out.
I was AMAZING and almost unbelievable!!!

By the way- sorry it's been so long since I've blogged. So much has happened- and I've been so busy, I couldn't decided or remember what to blog about next!

This blog is short and sweet- like me- but without the sweet part.

Kisses Bitches!

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  1. I'm really glad you had a chance to decompress. That's very important otherwise the stress can kill you...