Sunday, August 6, 2017

Buzzcut and makeup

Did my makeup from bed.
And yes,  did a buzzcut. ..not from bed,  haha.
Always feel more like myself with a buzzcut. Always.

I try to grow it out due to what I see , colorful ,long hair and boredom.
But I always come back to my buzzcut because that's ME. That's what fits me.

I try on all different "hats" so to speak, but it never quite feels right.

I try to fit into society and what it wants from me but I never can.
Like doing my makeup the other day-
Mascara,  eyeliner,  eyebrow pencil, Lip liner and lipstick.
It felt like A LOT to me- and and lot of effort, it was tiring.

  Meanwhile 3 years ago I would've never left the house without makeup!! Ever! !! And a lot of it!
I change my look on a whim still.

Slowly and always trying to better myself and finding what I like compared to what society likes and what the difference is.

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