Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When did every crazy person start being called bipolar????

I really wonder where this started.
All my friends, come to me with a story of a "crazy" friend, lover or family member, that they think is

Let me tell you right now, this is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine.
Bipolar just started to become "popular" about, I'd guess maybe two or three years ago.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY after I was diagnosed.
I had to explain what bipolar was to nearly every single friend, family member or lover I had.
Sounds like fun, huh?
NOPE, not one bit.

But now I feel myself explaining the label Bipolar more than ever.
And it's so frustrating.

Hey maybe that ex of yours that cheated on you and treated you badly one minute, and great the next, was NOT BIPOLAR...but just a major ASSHOLE?!
Did that ever cross your mind???
Bipolar is a serious disorder. Not a label that should come lightly.
There's no real cure, but there are ways to maintain...a somewhat stability in your life, with help from therapists and medications, a supportive family and network of friends.

That's all we do (us bipolars), is suppress our bipolar tendencies and try, desperately to live a normal stable life. This is not an easy task, and should not be taken lightly.Especially if we are obeying our every single desire and impulse- which is  NOT A GOOD IDEA and usually leads to harm of oneself or others.

My friends also tell me stories about a person they think might be Bipolar, but to me, just seems like a clinically insane person.
What ever happened to a plain old CRAZY person. Not Bipolar- just straight up maniac? Not MANIC, but MANIAC????!!!!

What the fuck, people?!!!
No, not every asshole, or straight up crazy person is Bipolar. Would you please please please keep this in mind when trying to "diagnose" your friend, family member or lover??!

There are SO many other types of insanity! SO MANY!
How about you read a book instead, on diagnoses, huh?

and stop pretending you have any clue what being bipolar actually means, will ya?

Thanks for listening bitches!
Droppin' science;)

Kisses Bitches!

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