Sunday, August 21, 2011

Been keepin a prego journal

It's so easy on my phone. Easier than updating my blog, that's for sure.

So these have been my entries so far- starting Aug. 10th

Journal Date: 08/10/11
Mood: Cranky
Energy: Have some
Appetite: Hungry
Morning sickness: No
Cravings: Eggs and fish cakes

Journal Date: 08/11/11
Mood: Tired
Energy: So so
Appetite: Hungry
Morning sickness: No
Cravings: Salty eggs

Journal Date: 08/12/11
Mood: Cranky
Energy: None
Appetite: Hungry
Morning sickness: No
Cravings: Anything skittles
Notes: Walked all over the city. Build a bear ( 29.99 for bear, outfit AND shoes! woohoo can't beat that price! Exhausted!!!

Journal Date: 08/13/11
Mood: Tired,achy
Energy: Some
Appetite: Eh
Morning sickness: No
Cravings: Eggs

Journal Date: 08/14/11
Mood: Tired,moody,yet happy
Energy: Some
Appetite: Eh
Morning sickness: No
Cravings: Eggs, pickles, chocolate chip cookies that I made from scratch
Notes: Made eggs for everyone for breakfast for two weeks already! Thunderstorm last night kept levi up, so I held his hand for hours so he could sleep. Had bad cramps all night long and a migraine. I always worry when i'm prego and have cramps. Not fun at all.

Journal Date: 08/15/11
Mood: Tired
Energy: None
Appetite: Some
Morning sickness: Some
Notes: Interviewed by daily news!!!

Journal Date: 08/16/11
Mood: Upset,hurt,sad,bummed
Energy: Little to none
Appetite: Not much
Morning sickness: Some
Cravings: Nothing
Notes: Got hurt by a friend today. Cried like a little bitch during a fucking chick flick I watched last night. I've always hated chick flicks. I hate movies that make me cry. Ewwww icky. It sucks being hurt by someone you trust. But another friend of mine, bought me an awesome gift! A book called " Go the fuck to sleep!" I loooooove it.

Journal Date: 08/18/11
Weight: feels like 2000 lb
Mood: Exhausted and nauseous
Energy: None
Appetite: Hungry but nauseous
Morning sickness: Yes!
Cravings: Cheese!
Notes: Almost spent the night puking. Thank god for Zofran (the miracle medication)! Made up with my friend. Yay!

Journal Date: 08/19/11
Weight: feels like 2000 lb
Mood: Pain
Energy: Pain
Appetite: Pain
Morning sickness: Yesssss
Cravings: No pain
Notes: At hospital massive contractions

Journal Date: 08/20/11
Weight: likes like 3000 lb (feeling very swollen after sitting for hours and hours with my legs dangling, while at the hospital the other night)
Mood: Sleepy
Energy: Little
Appetite: None
Morning sickness: Yesssss. Morning, noon, night!
Cravings: Nuthin
Notes: Feeling gross but better than yesterday. Baby is good, except for low heartbeat. Gotta take it easy. Watched a very corny Sci-Fi movie about vampires. I feel like everything is SO corny lately. All the trailers and advertisements I've seen look like I'm in a fucking MOVIE. These ads are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. So stupid. Does anyone fucking notice this shit?! Am I in a fucking coma, and don't know it????!!!! I'm questioning my fucking reality!!! Being off my medication, doesn't help. Off my bipolar meds, Doctor's orders. I'm starting to lose touch. Things don't FEEL real.

Journal Date: 08/21/11
Weight: 2000 lb
Mood: Surreal, not myself
Energy: Some
Appetite: Hungry but REALLY nauseous
Morning sickness: Yessss
Cravings: Salty fish ( tuna with olive oil dill and lemon is AWESOME!) and ginger ale
Notes: Went outside. Walked all the way to waldbaums ( I love that store), Vivi walked with me all the way home afterwards! I'm very proud of her:) it was very humid and hot outside. I started contracting again soon after I got home. Watched "how to train your dragon", almost cried. I'm such a sucker for " I'm so proud of you son (or daughter)" movies, especially after being the underdog/ black sheep for SO LONG( like me!). So now I'm still contracting, but cooking some indian chicken curry and rice through the pain. I'm tough as NAILS, BITCH! I'm having some trouble, being off my meds right now. Having problems seeing whats "real" and what's not. Just another fun time being a bipolar.

Kisses Bitches!!!
More journal entires to come!

*photo of my daughter at about 9 months old. THIS is why I'm off my meds. To make another PERFECT baby;)

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