Monday, June 6, 2011

I put a curse on both your houses!

Today was hell!
I've been crying non stop for two days now like a little bitch!
Last week I found out Vivi and Lee have asthma and might both be diabetic. I also found out that a nodule on my daughters neck was growing and becoming firm. So the doctor referred us to a pediatric oncologist (cancer doctor). That's where I went today, no thanks to the ambulette that was supposed to take us to her appointment, but instead kicked us out. Dave wanted to kill the driver. Instead I went all...what did Dave call it again? Oh yea. All "old testament" on him and the company's houses. In short, I told them to pray for their souls, and that if anything happens to my daughter, their names are the first I'll mention to god at the gate to punish. I had them shitting themselves. Yeah I went all Gypsy fucking queen on their ass. Fucking put a curse on all their houses. I'm nice to a point, you have to remember, I am bipolar and nothing is as sweet as revenge.
The oncologist recommended she go for an ultrasound next week, and after we'll decide what step to take next.
We also have to go see an immunologist and genetic specialist. The doctors felt that something is very wrong, My kids and I should not being this sick all the time and they ACTUALLY want to get to the bottom of it!
It only took, what? TWO FUCKING YEARS! And my whole fucking lifetime!
Let's hope they find out what's really wrong, and how we can treat it and finally get better! Healthier!
If only a doctor had spent more than five minutes with us!
These doctors were great, the nurses were too. It was so kid friendly there. I saw babies getting treated for cancer, while watching their favorite shows. There was also a clown, who gave Violet stickers. Violet also punched Dora the explorer in the face, but that's part isn't a big deal;)
Dora is okay, she's plastic!
We did hurt her feelings though.

So let's play catch up shall we-
Lee and Vi- sick sick sick
My dad- prostate cancer
Me- sick sick sick
Dave- sick and won't go to the doctor.
Kayla- still lightheaded
My mom- depressed

Ain't life GRAND?!

Kisses Bitches!
Don't be a fucker and make me put a curse on your house too;)

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