Wednesday, September 23, 2009

About moi

I'm 28, married with 2 kids- 1 autisitic girl and the other boy just born.
Who am I? A now functioning self-aware bipolar. Oxymoron yes- self-aware and bipolar in the same sentence- usually never. Except in my case.
Now before you go all defensive and say how functioning you are as a bipolar- wait let me stop you there.
I don't believe you and I never well. I am the first of my kind- don't steal my thunder asshole.
And yes you -like most bipolar- actually all bipolars are fucking self-absorbed assholes.
I love you guys- for you are my people- but I know you're deeply flawed.
Not because you ARE bipolar but because you have no clue how to USE your bipolar.
Not to get free drinks or get your rent paid. but actually use- this- dare I say it?-gift.
Bipolar is hereditary- and most likely my children may be bipolar-but they unlike you have me as a mother. And yes they are lucky. And so are you by reading this.
I did not have me as a mother- that would be creepy and impossible. I could've never been that lucky.
Before I get to the tear-jerking, sometimes disgusting moments of my life- let me say that I want to make you laugh while reading my blogs- either at me or at yourself. My life as always been a tragic accidental comedy and I could not have gotten anywhere without laughing- at myself and other people- like you. And I know you are worthy of me laughing at.

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  1. Can I just tell u how much I love this and dare I say LOVE U!!!
    I want to be just like u when I grown
    By the way...I sent the pigeon...;-)